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How to apologize to the guy personally and by SMS?


In a love relationship between a man and a woman, quarrels often occur and conflicts “flare up” in which the girl is to blame. The scale of misunderstanding directly determines the duration of "military" actions within the family. If the misbehavior of the chosen one is insignificant, then the guy “thaws out” quickly, after forgiving the betrothed.

How to apologize to the guy personally and by SMS?

However, often the cause for disagreement becomes painful topics that hurt the man for the "living". What should a woman do in this situation? How to apologize to the guy personally and via SMS? What is the best way to steal "sins"?

Causes of conflict

First of all, the girl who was guilty in front of her man needs to determine the extent of her own misbehavior. How much your actions could touch the chosen one? Common causes of conflict situations where a woman has “stumbled”:


People always lie, but they do it on a different scale.You can lie for good and for harm, for stupidity and for harm - the process of reconciliation directly depends on the cause-effect relationship. Some girls decide to hide an illegitimate son from a young man, while others cheat for the sake of a man’s calm. In the process of apology, it is recommended to be guided by a female "trump card" - tell the guy that you lied out of fear for fear of losing your lover.

Excessive or unjustified jealousy.

This category is closely intertwined with the deprivation of a young man of personal space and free time. If you do not trust him, then do not let go to meetings with friends, guided by illusory fictions. Over time, such a format of relations begins to gradually "eat up" a guy who wants to find in communication with the chosen one of peace and tranquility. Baseless scandals and tantrums over far-fetched passions are a weighty reason for a man to harbor a grudge against his beloved. In the process of conciliatory conversation, use the type of female "trump card" that you already know.


This kind of betrayal a man, most likely, will not forgive a woman, but a girl should try to make amends for such a blame.Initially, it is recommended to clearly and easily argue their own actions. Admit your mistake, repeat that you have realized the scale of the offense, complain about the accident and the prevailing circumstances. Prove to the guy about your unlimited love for him, tell the true reasons for physical treason. It is not necessary to lie, because a young man can learn the truth from well-wishers - then the loss of confidence in you is supported by a lie, so it is better to choose the “bitter” truth for explanations.

How to apologize to the guy personally and by SMS?


It is not difficult to get forgiveness for a curse in a fit of quarrel. However, abusing such words that humiliate a young man is not an appropriate decision. After an indefinite period of time, a man who sees your dismissive attitude towards his candidacy will pay attention to another girl who respects him as a self-sufficient person. With an apology for an insult, it is better not to delay, because in this situation you are the only ones to blame. If a woman found the strength inside to call the guy, then you need to find resources for an apology.


Men do not like such manifestations of "character" on the part of girls, so it is once again recommended to think whether to beat or not to beat. Raising a hand to a guy once, you will not be able to control an identical impulse in the process of emotional dialogue on elevated keys. The young man is not able to hit his beloved, so he can only retire in a depressed mood. Self-esteem and unfavorable behavior of the chosen one are weighty arguments to end the failed relationship.

Features of reconciliatory conversation

If you are guilty and morally prepared for a conciliatory conversation, then follow the following sequence of actions:

Initially, the girl must sincerely realize the scale of her own misconduct. If you hurry with an apology without putting the right subtext into the words, then only aggravate the situation.
It is important for girls to remember that using e-mails and SMS messages, the problem that has arisen between two adults cannot be solved. Use this way of communication to prepare the ground for conversation,having notified the guy you are ready to apologize to him. Hint or write directly - the choice remains for the female ego.
Apologies should be made in a "chamber" setting, where the guy and the girl are alone. It is recommended to solve the problem and repent only the tete-a-tete.
For a conciliatory dialogue, it is preferable to choose a secluded place where you can talk with a young man on intimate topics. Create in a confined space a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, conducive to the conversation.
In the process of apology, it is not recommended to recall the nuances of the conflict, exposing the guy in certain misdeeds. You made an appointment to acknowledge your own mistakes, rather than forcing a man to seek forgiveness in your bottomless eyes. In dialogue, one should always be guided by repentance, and not by accusations — only through such a scheme can one achieve the desired result.
It is important to begin a conversation with a request for forgiveness, recognizing the extent of your misconduct. Without waiting for the answer beloved, continue to share the information that you have realized far from the chosen one. Explain to him the reasons for this behavior, argue the words spoken and actions done.Consider the style and sequence of presentation in advance so that the story is not confused with personal testimony. End the monologue with another apology, suggesting the guy not to allow such developments in the joint future.
Narrate without rushing, give the man time to understand what you said. You share with the guy new information, which becomes for him the ground for reflection. Do not lead a man to the cherished answer - he alone must understand that you repent sincerely, wanting to correct the situation.
Avoid in the process of a monologue of promises, with the help of which it is easier to achieve the location of the offended young man. Remember that you will have to fulfill the words spoken after an indefinite period of time. A conciliatory conversation is an emotionally significant resonance for both parties, so the man will not forget about the promises, be sure of that.

How to apologize to the guy personally and by SMS?

Admitting your own mistakes is not a manifestation of "weakness", so do not be shy of your wrong. Only a strong personality is able to ask for forgiveness from a loved one.

Variants of the girl's apology to the guy

Talking heart to heart with a man who is offended at you is an inexpedient decision. You must go to a conciliation meeting with a clear awareness of your own guilt. You can ask for forgiveness through various ways, taking into account the choice of the personal qualities of the elect. Apologies are conditionally classified into the following categories:


Guys prefer to hear in conversation specific facts and concise wording. Do not try to appease the chosen one with gifts, seeking his favor through romantic encounters. In the process of conciliatory conversation, apologize, arguing your own behavior. For some men, such actions are enough for the forgiveness of the beloved.


If you stay with a young man in a love relationship, then you need to apologize in the appropriate status. Having a meeting, organize a surprise man. Prepare a festive dinner, arrange the table setting beautifully, pre-visit the beauty salon and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. It is recommended to apologize at home, so that after a conciliatory conversation, proceed to the main part of the ritual of forgiveness - intimacy. Surprise the guy, opening new sexual horizons in front of him.Taking possession of male libido, you can manage a man unnoticed.                                                                                                How to apologize to the guy personally and by SMS?


With minor and trifling quarrels, comic apologies become appropriate, where the only goal is to make the guy smile on his face. A good man will invariably forgive the chosen one, appreciating the original approach to the restoration of mutual understanding in a pair. Give your partner a broken ax of “war”, present a “guardian” of quarrels or earplugs, because you know your voice in a fit of anger.

The unspoken.

Some girls do not find the strength to apologize to their beloved man. However, feelings and emotions that overwhelm the guilty mind offer the woman another way of developing events. The offender is waiting for the guy to cool off from the quarrel and fully calm down, missing his darling. In this period of time, she invites him to walk through the woods or visit the cinema, dine in a restaurant or go to the pool. In this situation, the first step is taken by the girl. The format of communication involves an apology from the woman, but she does not utter conciliatory words aloud.

How to apologize to the guy personally and by SMS?

The result of a sincere apology brought by the girl during a personal meeting will invariably be the reconciliation of two lovers' hearts.After forgiveness, the woman will surely feel peace of mind and tranquility, freeing her mind from the heavy burden.

Features of apologies by SMS

A proud man can for a long time not to get in touch, waiting for the awareness of guilt on the part of the girl. The guy will feel lonely, drive away negative thoughts from himself, get bored and angry, but he will not take the first step. If a woman is very shy of the first meeting after a quarrel, then the current option is SMS. When writing a text message, follow these guidelines:

Do not send conciliatory “SMS” too often, so as not to impose your own apologies to the young man. The minimum interval is 1 message in 3 hours.
Pick up sincere words when writing a text, trying to show the guy that you have realized your guilt. Refuse the hackneyed phrases in a poetic form - the guy will not take such apologies seriously.
If your message is unanswered, then analyze your own text. A man can expect from you specific words confirming the extent of the offense.
Put yourself in the place of the guy, thinking about the importance of the incoming SMS from the beloved.What conciliatory words would you like to see in the message?
Do not abuse when writing the text “sad” brackets and graphic smiles - they will not convey the spectrum of your emotions.
To justify in the "SMS-message" - a useless and meaningless exercise, so refuse to explain the reasons in the sent text. Set aside repentance for a personal meeting, where you can admit that you are wrong, looking into the eyes of a loved one.
Write in an affirmative form to convince the chosen one of the seriousness of your conciliatory intentions. Are you to blame? Yes. Repent? Yes. Did you miss? Yes. A man should not have doubts about the sincerity of your words.
Write an SMS, be patient - the guy can answer in a long period of time. It is recommended to inquire in advance about the employment of a young man on this day. If a man is at work, then he does not have the physical ability to respond to the message - do not wind yourself up.
You need to complete the email with a question or suggestion. Inquire about his affairs or suggest a meeting where you can explain to him the prerequisites for your behavior.

Do not expect to make peace with a man through SMS-messages, pinning high hopes on this method. A girl may try to establish contact with the chosen one through correspondence, but she will always have to apologize in person.

How to apologize to the guy personally and by SMS?

If you are going to apologize to a man for his own misconduct, it is important to prepare in advance for the upcoming dialogue.


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