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How to alter the pants?

Natalya Vavilova
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How to alter the pants?

Sometimes an outdated thing takes place in the closet. It is a pity to throw it away, but it cannot be worn, because it is large, unfashionable or has a defect. Therefore, the right step would be to remake it, change it into a new and convenient one. Often want to alter the pants. It is easy to make capri pants, or even a skirt. How to alter the pants in a skirt?

Pants turn into a sweet and feminine skirt

If there are jeans or tight-fitting pants, they can be cut at the level of the hips, with an additional piece of fabric. Get a skirt on a yoke. This option is suitable for pants, which have rubbed their trouser legs, and the top looks decent. Cut carefully, it is important that the length of the yoke be the same on both sides. We take a loose fabric for the lower part of the skirt, preferably one that is easily draped. We cut out a strip of fabric. The length is equal to the distance from the bottom of the yoke to the hem edge (at your discretion), and the width is equal to the girth of the hips multiplied by 1.5 or 1.75.

Now you need to collect this piece of fabric to such a state that it is equal to the bottom of the yoke.Then gently reinforce the hem with pins and stitch. To process a seam a zigzag or slanting inlay. Bottom can just tuck, and you can decorate with lace. If you do everything carefully, then the skirt comes out very sweet and comfortable.

Pants for pregnant women do it yourself

How to alter trousers for pregnant women? If the skirt of the trousers was made on the principle of throwing off the bottom, then the pants for pregnant women can be done on the contrary, cutting off their top. To do this, trim the pants so that they reach only the pelvic bones. Then you will need a piece of knitted, stretch fabric. It is advisable to pick something natural, because this part of the pants will be in contact with the stomach. You need to cut out not a rectangle, but a slightly knitted piece of knitted fabric in front. It is quite possible to use an old jumper, after wrapping them in the belly of a pregnant woman, in order to choose the right width. However, it is necessary that he fits his stomach freely, with a reserve, so to speak, for growth.

Since altering trousers is not an easy task, the fabric needs to be sewn to the trimmed top gently, occasionally looking at the front side of the product. The stitches should be treated perfectly, because it is unacceptable for the pregnant woman to feel discomfort or friction in the abdomen.Proceeding from this, the top of the trousers should be cut off in such a way that the seam runs under the belly, and not higher.

Pants for a pregnant woman will surely become the favorite piece of clothing of the future mother, because it is difficult to buy suitable ones.


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