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How to adjust the sound on the Internet

Find the shortcut on the desktop and double-click on it with the left mouse button. In the user authentication window that opens, enter your username and password. After the main window of the program appears, go to the sound settings, for which click “Tools”, select “Settings”, then “Sound settings”.
You can configure each device separately. If you want to adjust the sound at the microphone, check whether the plug in the system unit is inserted into the appropriate jack. If you use a laptop, you can skip this action, because the microphone is already built in there.
In the "Microphone" section, select the desired device. In order to set the desired volume, say something into the microphone. If the volume is sufficient, do not move the slider. Move it to the right, if the volume is low, and to the left, if it is high.
Remove from the inscription "Allow automatic microphone setting" mark if you use the settings all the time.Now proceed to setting up the headphones. Check if the speakers are connected. When setting up the microphone, you should have heard some sound. If this was not the case, check if the columns are fixed, if the connection is normal. Keep in mind that the green plug must be plugged into the same color connector.
Select the device responsible for sound output in the box called “Speakers”. Be very careful, as some sound cards share the sound that goes to headphones or speakers. Choose a gentle device.
Adjust the outgoing sound in the same way as the microphone volume. Just uncheck the box labeled “Automatic speaker setup” and click “OK”.
Check whether you did everything right by making a test call to the contact with the login Echo.

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