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How to adjust the clutch?

The operation of any car means taking care of it. But, not knowing the instructions and doubting the correctness of their actions, do not climb under the hood of the car. The article will explain how to adjust the clutch of a MAZ truck.

Clutch device

In the MAZ car, the clutch is dry, double-disc, of a friction type, with a cylindrical shape around the periphery of the springs. It is installed in a cast iron housing. It is intended for a brief separation of the engine crankshaft with the gearbox, as well as their smooth connection at the time when the car starts to move and with further gear shifting.

We need to know how to properly adjust the clutch, i. Check it, lubricate the drive and release bearing following the lubrication chart. It is necessary to regularly monitor how the fastening bolts of the clutch housing with the flywheel housing are tightened. Tightening should be 8-10 kGm. This should be done in uniform movements, with a sequence of crosswise.After the bolts are tightened, they should be fastened by bending the barb of the lock plates on the verge of the bolt heads.

Clutch and drive adjustment

The rules of MAZ car operation include such adjustments:

  • adjustment of the size of the amount of waste leading medium disk, which provide the necessary clearances of the working surfaces of the clutch after it is turned off
  • adjustment of the clearance value of the end face of the valve cover and the adjusting nut
  • clutch pedal adjustment
  • You will need a set of keys (rozhkovy and cap) and a ruler with a caliper.

Adjustment steps

  1. In order to make a complete adjustment of the clutch, you first need to adjust how far the middle drive plate is moving. This will ensure the desired clearance of the working surfaces of the clutch. Additionally, you need to adjust the clearance of the end face of the valve body cover and its adjusting nut, then adjust the operation of the clutch pedal.
  2. Next, you need to determine how to remove the middle drive plate before removing the hatch covers from the clutch and flywheel housing. To do this, you need to turn on the clutch and set the gearbox to a neutral position.Then turn the flywheel of the engine, screwing up to the very end of the four adjustment screws in the middle drive plate. You must first unscrew the lock nuts on the screws.
  3. Without stopping to turn the flywheel, it is necessary to unscrew the adjustment screws one turn and fix them with lock nuts. Tightening the lock nuts, you should not make great efforts, and it is best to hold the adjusting screw, in order to avoid offset of the adjusted clearance.
  4. We measure the gap between the end of the back cover of the valve body and the adjusting nut, which should be from 3.3 mm to 3.7 mm. It is necessary to control the size of the gap after each TO-2. Regulation of this is carried out by loosening the clamping nut and setting the desired size of the gap. After this, the locknut must be tightened without breaking the established clearance.
  5. The next step is how to adjust the clutch pedal. This will require a ruler, with which, after the air is released from the pneumatic system, it will be necessary to measure the value of the pedal stroke. It should correspond to 34-43 mm. Freewheel monitoring should be carried out after each TO-1.Before this, it is necessary to make sure that the clearance set before this is normal.
  6. To regulate the pedal free travel, the two-armed pedal drive lever with the plug of the valve stem and the plug of the cylinder of the clutch must be separated. At the same time, move the piston of the cylinder to the bottom, and lower the lower edge of the two shoulders lever in the opposite direction until it stops. It is necessary to check that the holes of the fork of the rod of the cylinder and the lever are not approximately 50% aligned. When deviating up or down, you need to bring to the required size by rotating the cylinder rod.
  7. The final step in how to adjust the grip on the Maz, will be the connection of the lever and all detached elements, regulation of the distance between the holes of the forks by rotating the forks themselves. It will be difficult to do with a large deterioration of the disc friction linings. In this case, it will be necessary to rearrange the double-arm lever by 1 slot counterclockwise. Then re-adjust the clutch pedal stroke.

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