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How to activate the iPhone?

Dmitry Ermolinsky
Dmitry Ermolinsky
December 25, 2012
How to activate the iPhone?

After purchasing the gadget, the question arises: how to activate the iPhone? You need to turn it on and connect the sim card to the cellular network. When the phone recognizes it and the cellular operator, you can start using all its functions.

Step-by-step instructions on how to activate iPhone via iTunes

  • In order to activate the device, you need the Internet and a computer with the Windows operating system: 7, XP, Vista, MacOS.
  • From the Internet you will have to download the free iTunes application and, installing it on your PC, start it.
  • You need to charge the phone, after inserting a sim-card.
  • Using the USB cable included with the iPhone, connect the phone to the PC. Connecting to the iTunes application will occur automatically. On the screen of the phone will appear the inscription "connect to iTunes".
  • Activation will occur automatically. At the end of the operation in iTunes, the “iPhone activated successfully” message will be displayed. After that, icons will appear on the phone's desktop screen.
  • Now you should disconnect the phone from the PC by disconnecting the USB cable.

How to activate the iPhone without a SIM card

  1. Need iTunes 10 application.
  2. Go through the "tree" to the file housings. Drive C / Windows / system32 / drivers / etc / hosts. We open the file using notepad and at the end we write -
  3. Open the iTunes application, and in the DFU mode, enter the iPhone, then connect the phone to the PC.
  4. Specify the path to the downloaded firmware iOS 4.0.2.
  5. We are waiting for the software update process to complete.
  6. At the end, the iTunes application will generate an activation error, due to the fact that the native sim card is not installed.
  7. Open the program Limera1n and run the procedure jailbreak.
  8. Upon completion of this procedure, the iPhone is activated.
  9. Open Limera1n and install Cydia.
  10. Need to update all repositories.
  11. From repo666.ultrasn0w.com you need to install the UltraSnow patch.
  12. After that, you need to restart the phone.

Now the iPhone is ready to go.


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