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How did denim suddenly become the sexiest material?

Still, fashion is sometimes extremely strange, giving us some luxurious princess dresses with handmade embroidery, or a banal T-shirt with a Disney character at the same price, but with even greater popularity. And at the head of this inexplicable common sense of the trend is the brand Vetements. We have already written about the crazy experiments of the creator of the brand Demny Gvasalia, but this time he seemed to have surpassed himself and gave a completely unimaginable pair of jeans, which Anna Wintour probably could not have imagined in a nightmare, and somehow in an unimaginable way, again turned his individual creative lunge into a trend. Meet Vetements X Levi’s jeans, which can be undone at the bottom (model name, by the way, is not modest - bare butt, or “bare ass”) and all over the leg from behind.


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