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How often do you check electrical equipment?

Several years have passed since the opening of our company in Kiev. While everything works. Are there any rules on the frequency of checking electrical equipment?
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Answered on May 11 13:31
Read how often you need to diagnose electrical equipment:. Periodic checks are necessary, because errors could have been made during installation, while minor damage could occur that would eventually lead to equipment malfunction. In advanced cases, this will lead to large financial losses, so it is better to monitor the condition of the equipment from time to time.
I agree, it is better to diagnose electrical equipment, otherwise it may be a problem ...
Answered on May 12, 11:12, nahvok |
Answered on May 11, 12:57
So in the instructions for the equipment should be this information: the service life of the equipment and recommendations for periodic technical inspections. What is your equipment? After all, the refrigeration one term, and the oven - a completely different.
Answered on May 11 13:01
We honestly do not check. Violate, I guess. But while everything works, there are more pressing tasks and deeds. If fails - then ask for help.

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