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How many years did the World War last?

If you ask how much time mankind has managed to do without wars, the answer will be obvious - very little. And the twentieth century was the worst in the entire history of civilization. It was in this century that two world wars occurred at once, striking the whole world with their scale. And all this - with a relatively small time interval.

How many years did World War I last?

It would seem that such a four years (it was exactly how the First World War lasted from June 1914 to November 1918) by historical standards? Negligible. However, human losses and destruction were truly enormous. By approximate estimates, the figures speak of more than 10 million killed and some 12 million civilians. The number of injured surpasses 55 million. For more information about the First World War, see the article, When the First World War began.

Causes of the First World War

The main reasons for the Great War (as it was called for a long time) were the imperial ambitions of the main European states seeking to redistribute the current world order,as well as the arms race that was rapidly gaining momentum, the overpopulation of a number of countries, the desire to remove all obstacles to free trade, the territorial claims of the major powers - Britain, France, Germany.

The First World War was essentially reduced to a confrontation between two military blocs - the Triple Alliance, represented by Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy, and the Entente, which included Russia, France and England. The main burden of the war until the February Revolution was borne by the Russian Empire.

The beginning of the Second World War

Germany was the most affected country in the aftermath of the First World War. Therefore, one of the reasons for the Second World War was the insistent desire of the Germans, led by Adolf Hitler, to restore the trampled injustice and build a "thousand-year Reich." Italy became an ally of Germany, led by B. Mussolini, who bore her imperial ambitions with the dream of reviving the Roman Empire on a global scale. In the East, Japan was seriously threatened by its neighbors.

How many years did the Second World War last?

The duration of the Second World War is six years, from September 1, 1939 (when Hitler Germany attacked Poland) to September 2, 1945. The Soviet Union entered the war in the summer of 1941.It was the Red Army that was the only one capable of withstanding the previously invincible Hitlerite armada. She also liberated a significant part of Eastern Europe in 1944-1945.

The casualties of the Second World War are estimated at between 60 and 65 million. Of this amount, more than 20 million accounted for the Soviet Union. As a result of the war, the world became bipolar for many decades to come. The military confrontation of the Soviet Union and the United States, known as the Cold War, began. The final chords of the Second World War were the use of nuclear weapons against two Japanese cities - Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


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