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How many times can you be a godfather?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
August 9, 2012
How many times can you be a godfather?

Very often, people who have many friends and relatives worry about how many times you can act as a godfather or godmother. They are often invited to baptize children, but they simply do not know how many times they can be godparents, and whether there are any restrictions imposed by the church.

The church does not impose any restrictions on the number of godparents, and it is only you who can decide to baptize or not to baptize another person. And if you do not treat the ceremony formally, that is, do not just stand in the temple, repeat the words of prayer after the priest, take part in a feast on the occasion of christening, but fulfill those duties and understand the responsibility that you assumed before God Then, before agreeing once again to become the godfather or mother, you need to assess your capabilities. Do you have enough time and energy to pay attention to each of your godparents? After all, the godparents are the people who should teach the child the basics of the faith, join the church,provide support in difficult life situations.


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