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How long does chickenpox last?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
July 23, 2012
How long does chickenpox last?

Chickenpox, or chickenpox is an infectious disease caused by the herpes family of viruses. It is the cause of two diseases - chickenpox, which occurs in most cases in children, and shingles, which affects mainly adults.

Infection and the course of the disease

Infection with chickenpox occurs through airborne droplets. The main victims of the disease are children aged 2-6 years. In the early days, the disease does not manifest itself, so infection occurs everywhere in places of large concentrations of people, mainly in kindergartens and schools. But the countdown of how long a chickenpox lasts begins with this period of infection.

In general, the disease for children is not dangerous and passes benign, leaving no complications.

Three periods of illness

  • The first period is incubation, it is characteristic of a large number of infectious diseases and lasts from the moment when the virus entered the body until the beginning of the first symptoms of the disease.In the early stages it is extremely difficult to detect the disease, since it is asymptomatic. The period of how many days the chickenpox lasts at this stage is determined from 11 to 21 days. The average value of this period is 14 days. Depending on this period in specialized institutions (kindergartens, schools) quarantine is set for 21 days.
  • The second period is prodromal, lasts from 24 to 48 hours, until the appearance of light eruptions on the skin. There are many cases when children have chicken pox without this period. If chickenpox is detected in adults, how long the disease lasts in the second period will be difficult to say, since the adult's body has developed immunity. The immune system reacts to the penetration of the virus, actively fights with it, which causes more harmful consequences than useful. As a rule, in adults appear severe lumbar pain, fever, headache.
  • The third period of rash on the skin. Rash on the skin is the most characteristic sign of chickenpox, and they do not appear immediately, but over 2-5 days. Over the entire period of how much chickenpox lasts in children at this stage, the disease does not cause any particular impairment of well-being. At the beginning of the rash period, a rise in temperature is characteristic.Usually at the beginning of the rash appear on the limbs and body, and then on the face. They can even appear on the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes and genitals.

Infection in adults is likely to lead to complications, and it proceeds much harder. The most dangerous complications are bacterial infections. In rashes, unlike children, there are suppurations.


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