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How it all began: 17 first naked selfies of stars

Now frank photos surprise no one. But a few years ago, only the bravest celebrities could decide on this. Wday.ru found their very first naked photos on Instagram.
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian, March 2012
Photo: @kimkardashian

Today, of course, these shots may seem a bit naive. The microblogs of the stars who like to make naked provocative photos are now full of frank pictures. It seems that subscribers have already studied all the anatomical details of celebrity no worse than their husbands or boyfriends.

And here, for example, the first naked photoKim Kardashianwhich she did a month after she started her Instagram, in March 2012, can now seem very chaste. The reality star lies in a bed in satin pajama mini-shorts, covering his outstanding bust with snow-white bedding.

Among the Russian stars in popularity in social networks, Kardashian can catch up, perhaps, onlyOlga Buzova. By the way, the followers are increasingly reproaching Olga for frequent nude shots, urging her to be more modest and not to show off her body.But, surprisingly, such photos appeared on Buzova’s Instagram only this year. The maximum that a singer and a TV presenter could allow herself before was to put photos in a bathing suit or in a dress with a deep cleavage for everyone to see. True, Buzova also found one photograph taken 14 years ago - then she was just settling into Dom 2. Now it looks quite ordinary, and in 2004 it caused a real sensation.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova, 2004
Photo: @ buzova86

Another of the nude pioneers is the supermodel.Heidi Klum. Even at 41 she is not shy, for example, to sunbathe topless in front of hundreds of people. Well, he began uploading naked photos back in 2012 - since she registered on social networks.

Anastasia Kvitkoalso the first thing, having started a microblogging, pleased even a few subscribers at that time with a view of their famous buttocks.Emily Ratakovskijudging by her microblog, he rarely considers it necessary to dress at all. However, at the beginning of her modeling career, she still left some semblance of a riddle for followers.

First naked photosAlena Vodonaevoywere very shocking as wellAlessandra AmbrosioandKendall Jenner- on the contrary, minimalist.Irina Shayktook a picture, hiding behind only a sheet of paper, for the sake of participation in the flashmob. AGluk’oZaandAnastasia Reshetovadecided to capture yourself in the heavenly hot countries. See pictures of these and other celebrities in our photo gallery.


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