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How is the Portal Opt19 useful for a businessman?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
April 18, 2016
How is the Portal Opt19 useful for a businessman?

Portal Optom19 can be considered one of the most useful for large businessmen: here wholesalers can find suitable suppliers for the wholesale purchase of goods, and suppliers will increase their sales through new partnerships. The site offers a free interface to create and build relationships between wholesalers and manufacturers.

The project "Wholesale19" helps to establish business relations between different regions of the country, to increase wholesale sales throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as to merge purchasers with suppliers.

To cooperate with other business projects, you need to add information about your company to the site with a detailed description of its activities and products - this can help your business expand with future sales increase. If, on the contrary, you wish to purchase goods from the manufacturer at a favorable price, you can use a convenient search for this or place your ad in the “Demand” section.

To find the necessary information, you can use a special form with filtering and settings for products, cities and other desired data. The catalog is constantly expanding and divided into main sections. The site provides a large database with various wholesalers and databases, wholesale companies, wholesale and retail goods. The service is absolutely free and very convenient for businessmen: you do not need to independently search for suppliers for your point of sale or an online store. The range of headings is wide: auto; household appliances and electronics; metal and hardware; plumbing; household goods; needlework; gifts; flowers and souvenirs; outerwear; sporting goods; Underwear; textile; footwear; hygienic and household goods; beverages; meat and poultry; vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries; Construction Materials; childen's goods; fabrics; stationery; Goods for pets; cosmetics and perfumes; products; furniture and doors; flowers and seeds, etc.

In the "goods" manufacturers can place products of different directions. In this category, the wholesaler can select the desired products from the offered catalog and contact the supplier directly.

In the "Demand" section you will find a convenient search for specified goods for purchase retail, as well as small and large wholesale. Here you can place information about the desired product, and manufacturers who are interested in the ad, will contact you.

Advertising as an additional opportunity will help suppliers increase the efficiency of companies and ads placed on the site by raising their status and awarding premium status. Suppliers can also use the opportunity of banner advertising with free geo-targeting.


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