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How is the Catholic Christmas of the Mother of God

The Catholic Christmas of the Mother of God is dedicated to the remembrance of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mother of Jesus Christ. The New Testament, unfortunately, contains little information about the life of the Virgin. The event marked on this day is only in the church tradition.
According to the legend, the parents of the Virgin Mary are the pious Joachim of the family of King David and Anna, who came from the family of the high priests. The Virgin Mary was born according to the special promise of God, which was given to Joachim and Anna, who was already in her old age. The name of the Virgin Mary was indicated by the angel who announced to her parents about this event.
During the celebration of the Nativity of the Virgin by Catholic Christians, the degree of importance of the role assigned to the Virgin Mary in the embodiment of the divine plan for the salvation of mankind is emphasized. The first mention of the holiday occurs in the second half of the fifth century. In the same century, the Nativity of the Virgin was included in the church calendar.
The Nativity of Our Lady is one of the great holidays in the Catholic faith. It is celebrated six days in a row - from 7 to 12 September. According to the existing tradition, these days in all Catholic churches and churches solemn divine services are held in honor of the birthday of the Virgin Mary. Parishioners bring fresh flowers to the icons of the Virgin Mary. Their many prayers are also addressed these days to the intercessor of the Mother of God. In them, people thank her for giving humankind the hope of salvation and ask to appease God forgive them for all their sins.
In the houses of believers Catholics in the days of the celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary also remains a solemn atmosphere. On this occasion, festive dishes are prepared, church candles are lit, and the youngest family members listen to the stories of parents and grandparents about the amazing prophecy of the angel and the birth of the Virgin Mary.


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