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How is love

How is love goingSolve Deep Problems of Attitudes

How is love going? For the loss of romantic relationships, there is always a spoiled interpersonal connection. If the couple lost their passion, then, perhaps, recently the couple were too busy, or they began to take each other as a matter of course. But most often the reason for the loss of romance is resentment, misunderstanding or another problem of this kind. Find the root of the problem and solve it. Try to understand in which area you have lost emotional contact. One of you drifted away, went into yourself? Is someone being irresponsible? Trying to control a partner? Is it disrespectful to him? Blames him? Doesn't want to forgive?


The most incorrect thing that only the spouses can do is try to recreate a romantic atmosphere without solving deep problems. It does not work out that way. Romance cannot be revived until interpersonal problems are resolved. With the same success, you can go to the gym, work out for an hour there, and then - without going into the shower - pour yourself with cologne and think that people on the street will take you to the cleanroom. The world is still learning the truth, and a little away from you.And in family life, you will definitely have to “take a shower” - that is, clear your relationship of problems.



To revive passion, you need multiple sources of love. If one spouse is the only source of love for another, then he will soon run out. During dating, and already in the marriage itself, it is useful to have three categories of friends - his, mine and ours. Ideally, the group "ours" should be the most numerous. Figuratively speaking, when you have good friends, communicating with them helps you replenish the immune system of your marriage with vitamins and minerals. Romantic feelings are intensified.


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