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How in 40 years look great

At 40, you can afford a lot. Bright colors, fashionable makeup, change of image - at this age, such experiments are particularly successful. However, extremes should be avoided. You may look very young, but with a twenty-year-old girl you are unlikely to be confused. Therefore, Barbie makeup, tattoos, touching pigtails and infantile dresses should be left to young daughters. To no other extreme. Do not rush to dress in strict suits with a midi-skirt and be limited to cosmetics of a neutral beige scale. All this you will have time to wear in 20 years.
Beautiful, taut figure - a pledge of excellent appearance. You do not have to lose weight before the model parameters. Choose a weight in which you feel comfortable, and try to stick to it. Avoid sudden fluctuations in weight - such drops are very harmful to the skin.
Take care of your face and body. Scrubs, soft peels, deeply moisturizing serums and creams with a lifting effect should appear in your personal arsenal.If luxury cosmetics seem to you unnecessarily expensive, pay attention to pharmacy brands. Most of them are focused on "age" skin and do an excellent job with fine wrinkles, excessive dryness, pigmentation and other signs of age.
Do not spare money on a good hairdresser. The stylist will select the right hairstyle for you and suggest a hair color that will blend in with your hair and skin. Beautifully trimmed and professionally colored hair does not need any intricate styling. Negligent hairstyle will make you fashionable, dynamic and young.
Make up every day. If you always stick to subtle natural colors, turn up the colors. Refuse pale beige lipstick and eye shadow, use concealer with reflective particles that visually level and revitalize the skin. Pick up a coral or dark pink rouge, as well as a shadow that matches the shade of your eyes. Do not limit yourself to the usual gray-beige scale. Today in a fashion various shades of green, complex blue, burgundy. Do not be afraid of dark colors - with a good shading, they will look very correct and suitable for day makeup.
Do not abuse the matting creams, dry shadows and powder.The face must maintain its natural radiance - it will make it younger. Try golden highlighters, highlighting creams and friable pigments. They can be added to the foundation or used independently.

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