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How did I get pregnant?

Even a planned and long-awaited pregnancy is often an unexpected and exciting event. A married couple may wish for a child for years and still conception will be a surprise for them. In the case when pregnancy is undesirable, contraception comes to the aid of women in order to protect them from such surprises. The invention of birth control pills allowed the woman to relax and not think about the consequences of sexual relationships. But unfortunately, nothing in the world is perfect, and there is a risk of getting pregnant while taking birth control pills.

Pregnancy and contraception

In order not to look for an answer to the question of how I became pregnant if I took contraceptive drugs, let's consider the factors that can lead to pregnancy while taking contraceptives.

  • Violation of the schedule of taking pills. Skipping even one day, leads to the fact that the ovaries begin to work normally, creating a full-fledged, ready for fertilization eggs. Doctors recommend in such cases, as soon as possible to take the next pill or package.And pay attention to the break time. If it is within 12 hours, you should not worry, if more - the risk is very high. Therefore, within seven days, be sure to use a barrier method of contraception - for example, condoms.
  • Vomiting or diarrhea. To absorb the required dose of hormone into the blood, it is necessary that at least three hours pass after taking the pill. In case of vomiting or diarrhea, get ready that the effectiveness of the drug will decrease. Do not take a new one, it will only cause an oversupply of hormones. Best use other methods until the end of the menstrual cycle.
  • Medicines and herbs. Some medicines, as well as herbal infusions and slimming teas, tend to impair the performance of tablets. Therefore, at the time of treatment of an infectious disease, choose another method of protection.

Oral contraceptives often cause delayed periods. It is clear that the first thought in such a situation, what to do - I got pregnant. However, do not panic, perhaps your body just gets used to regularly receiving a certain dose of hormones. Basically, menstruation begins on the 3-4 day break between courses, and intermenstrual bleeding is observed in the first three months of administration.According to statistics, pregnancy occurs in 5% of women protected by oral contraceptives.

Pregnant virgin

Young girls who are just beginning to live sexually, are confident that the hymen protects them from pregnancy. Therefore, they in every way avoid full-fledged sexual intercourse and are very worried in the case of close ejaculation. There are situations when a woman in labor with a virgin hymen enters the hospital. Accordingly, the statement that I became pregnant as a virgin is not a myth, and not a fairy tale for my mother, but a real life story. Let the exceptional, but very real. The hymen is very elastic and can remain intact even after vaginal intercourse, and the small openings on it easily pass nimble spermatozoa into the genital tract. For pregnancy, it is enough for a man’s seminal fluid to enter the vagina. This can lead to petting or caress, ending with ejaculation on the female genital organs or in the vicinity of them.

Signs of pregnancy

If there is no menstruation during the week, and there have been cases described above, the woman should be wary and wonder about how I find out if I became pregnant.Unfortunately, 100% confirm or refute your concerns can only gynecologist or ultrasound examination, and not earlier than the third week from the moment of conception. A pregnancy test works only after 7-14 days of delay, but its result is not always reliable. Consider some of the "popular" signs of pregnancy, the combination of which should alert:

  • frequent urination, manifested 2 weeks after conception
  • toxicosis - not all women
  • pain in the mammary glands
  • fever in the rectum (basal)
  • pain in the lower back and lower abdomen
  • implant bleeding

If you took pills, in any case you need to take a break until the doctor makes a diagnosis. If you are still a virgin, then you need to visit a doctor to prepare for sex, to learn more about contraception and pregnancy.


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