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How do husbands experience a divorce?

It is believed that a divorce is a painful experience, equally for both women and men. How do husbands experience a divorce, what psychological characteristics of the experience of divorce can be distinguished by a man?

Everyone knows that a man decides on a divorce only in the case when he has a rear. Rarely a man decides to file for divorce, being in a fit of despair or under the influence of some kind of emotions. As a rule, such a husband feels very confident after the divorce, as in the new house he is waiting for a hot lunch and freshly smoothed shirts. If a man does not initiate a divorce, much less have a reliable rear behind him, then the attitude to the situation changes drastically. The range of feelings that such a man feels is usually very diverse and depends on how close the relationship between the spouses was in marriage. Usually, most men experience the following:

  • hatred (such men turn the lives of their former spouses into hell, avenging them for their offended feelings);
  • indifference (such men try to maintain normal relations with the former spouse);
  • love (such men try to return their ex-wife, because they understand that they cannot live without her).

Often these feelings follow one after another, mixed with each other, sometimes ending the divorce process in the most unexpected way. There are very often cases when a man first hates his ex-wife, then tries to return her in all sorts of ways, and eventually comes to terms with the situation and maintains normal relations with the former wife. In any case, all this once again confirms the fact that men are going through a divorce no less than women.

Psychological features of a divorced man

So what is a husband after a divorce? Psychologists distinguish the following points that are characteristic of the behavior of a divorced man:

  • Men are very worried about the divorce process. Most men after a divorce have feelings of pain, loss, loss and frustration, and most importantly, unlike women, they have to hide it so as not to seem like a rag. Any separation is considered to be a painful trauma to the human psyche; therefore, a person is perceived as a sharp and severe form of experience.Often, during the divorce process, men attend thoughts of suicide, as well as various colds and illnesses.
  • Men try to avoid their loneliness. Alas, it is here that most men try to get into a new relationship, not having time to get rid of the burden of past relationships. As a rule, men are moved by the fear of being alone with themselves, as well as the feeling of male inferiority. It often happens that a man hurriedly marries the first woman she finds, just not to remain in splendid isolation.
  • Men rush into grave sins. About how husbands are going through a divorce, quite a lot of films have been shot and many books have been written, which almost unanimously claim that the depression of a divorced man is always accompanied by alcohol and the removal of women. Naturally, all abuses only temporarily create an illusion of relief, bringing only a temporary feeling of happiness. In addition, it is in such situations that men drink more often, lose their jobs, and eventually degrade personally.
  • Men start to hate all women. Usually this happens to those men who do not believe that the wife filed for divorce, and expect that she will come to its senses and come back.When in a few months the desired is not fulfilled, such a man begins to hate his wife madly and even revenge on her. In new relationships, such men are tough, make excessive demands, and often find fault with their chosen ones.

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