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How do you spell the word best?

Alevtina Rigonen
Alevtina Rigonen
December 6, 2012
How do you spell the word best?

The word "best" is the superlative degree of the adjective "good." We note immediately that the expression “the best” is incorrect, since the word “the best” already expresses the highest degree of a feature, there is no higher. And the definitive pronoun "most" is also used to create a superlative degree, but with adjectives that simply signify the subject. For example, you can say “the most beautiful” or “beautiful” (both expressions mean that there is no more beautiful), but you cannot say “the most beautiful” (combining two ways to create a superlative degree is wrong). So with the word "best." It is correct to use only one word “best” in a superlative degree, and not to say “the best”.

But how do you spell the word “best”? What rule should be used? Let's sort this word by composition. So, the “best” - “best” is the root, “iy” is the ending. The combinations of consonants "chsh" in the root you just need to remember, there is no rule that would regulate the choice of these consonants. It is wrong to write: “best”, “best”, etc.The word “best” is spelled this way and no other way.


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