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How do men behave?

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. This conventional statement is known to many. What is so different male behavior from female? Did you pay attention to how men behave and what common moments are in the behavior of the representatives of the stronger sex? Let's try to figure it out together.

Male behavior

In gender psychology, male and female types of behavior are distinguished. Sometimes women have a male behavior pattern. Often this is a business woman, successful, strong, purposeful women. Consider how men behave in terms of psychologists.

  • Male behavior is usually aimed at achieving a result, at making some kind of decision. A man sees the goal and steadily goes to it.
  • For a man is characterized by the ability to defend their positions. In most cases, a man does not allow his rights to be infringed or disrespected.
  • Men think specifically, not abstract. In communication, they do not like verbosity, avoid a large number of details, and go straight to the facts, to the point.Men more often interrupt the interlocutor, express their disagreement, love to argue. In men, weaker than in women, the skill of coherent speech is developed. On a day, a man speaks fewer words than a woman. Therefore, do not be offended by the fact that a man talks little, that he is silent all the time. Such is the masculine feature.
  • Representatives of the stronger sex need several times less communication than women. That is why men prefer to spend evenings in front of the TV or reading a book than in conversations with the faithful. They quickly get tired of the flow of words and emotions.
  • Men do not know how to express their emotions in words, it is difficult for them. They are trying in every way to avoid emotional conversations and reduce everything to logic, reason. That is why women so often complain that a loved one does not speak kind words.
  • Men are not inclined to give great value to details. They think globally. Your husband may not notice the dust on the table or scattered socks. He may not pay attention to your new hairstyle or dress. You should not be offended at it for it, just men are arranged differently than women.
  • Everyone knows that a man is polygamous by nature, but this does not mean that he cannot be true.Psychologists advise women to periodically change their image - to dye their hair, make a new hairstyle, drastically change the style of clothing. Then the man on the subconscious level will get the impression that he has a different, new partner.
  • Men rarely do several things at once. They focus on one process. If a man is reading, do not demand that he also conduct a lively conversation with you.

Naturally, not all men behave like this, because all people are individual. These are just common features of male behavior.

A real man

All girls dream to meet this man. Everyone puts something into this concept. In society, the image of the ideal man, a gentleman, a knight without fear and reproach. How does a real man behave?

As a result of numerous surveys among women, it is possible to emphasize that the following male qualities are valuable:

  • purposefulness;
  • a responsibility;
  • hard work;
  • honesty;
  • mind;
  • sense of justice;
  • strength of will;
  • nobility;
  • respect for the fairer sex, etc.

Here it is worth mentioning the concept of "masculinity".Who is usually called courageous? Please note that the word "man" already implies masculinity, because these are the words with one root (husband, man, manly, husband, dork). Masculinity is a collective concept, it is constantly transformed. At all times, courageous men were credited with courage, loyalty to the word, self-control. It is also important the attitude of men to the fair sex. Honor, nobility, the ability to protect the weak - that is what was valued in the representatives of the stronger sex always.

How should a man behave? This man will not allow anyone to disrespectfully respond to his beloved, he always stands guard for her honor and dignity. In a relationship, a man takes responsibility for the girl, treats her carefully and carefully.


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