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How to write "me something"?

June 19, 2014
How to write "me something"?

Spelling the particle “something” often presents difficulties for those who do not clearly remember the spelling rules. How to write - “I am that” or “I am something”? Let's figure it out.

Particle "something"

With personal pronouns ("I", "you", etc.), the particle "-to" is written with a hyphen and is used to underline the word emotionally.

For example: “I know where Vasya was yesterday!” Or: “What can you understand about this?” Or: “They have already moved to Moscow for a long time”.

Particle “that” and dash

There are situations in which the personal pronoun and the particle “that” are not written with a hyphen, but are separated by a dash. We are talking about sentences in which “that” is used as an indicative word. For example: "I am what I read." Or: "You are what you eat."

Such constructions are easily recognized by substituting the verb “is” between the pronoun and the particle “that”. For example: "I am what I read." Or: "You are what you eat." If the substitution of the verb “is” does not distort the meaning of the sentence, it means that there is a case in front of you when a dash is put between the pronoun and the “something”, not a hyphen.

“That” as an index word can be used together with “I” and in other cases. For example:

“What task did you do, this or that?”- “I did the task, and what are you?”.

In this case, neither a hyphen nor a dash is put between “I” and “that”.


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