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How does a computer affect health?

Electromagnetic radiation

The impact of computer on human health in terms of electromagnetic radiation causes a lot of controversy. So, computer manufacturers claim that there is no danger. But at the same time, scientists have proven that the computer has a negative impact on the development of the embryo. If you are pregnant, try to keep �communication� with the computer to a minimum.

Impact on the nervous system and psyche

Long stay at the computer leads to severe fatigue. However, the negative impact of computers on human health in this area is often exaggerated. When working at a computer, arrange yourself regular breaks.

Computer and children's health

Harm of the computer for children is extremely high, because children do not know the measures and spend a huge amount of time behind the monitor screen. Since the eye muscles in a child are not yet strong, there is a great threat to vision. In addition, the computer contributes to severe fatigue.So, children after a long time spent at the computer may have a headache. They often become moody and irritable. From the above, it is easy to understand that the influence of a computer on a child�s health is enormous.

If parents notice negative changes in the child�s behavior, it is necessary to immediately limit the use of the computer. Need to take regular breaks. It is desirable that during them the child is at least 1-2 times a day on the street.

Also, parents need to carefully monitor the computer games that their child is passionate about. Such "toys" are often the perpetrators of violations of the fragile child's psyche. Protect the child from all sorts of popular "shooters" that develop aggression. Install various educational logic games on your computer.

The impact of computer on the health of the student

Modern schoolchildren when doing homework have to spend a lot of time at the computer. In order to reduce the negative effects of time spent behind the monitor, you should properly equip the workplace of the student:

The monitor should be located at a distance of at least 40-50 cm, and its position should be a few centimeters below the eyes.

The lighting in the room should be even, without harsh light sources.

The recommended refresh rate of the monitor should be at least 85 Hz.


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