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How can you permanently get rid of spots after acne?

Acne is not only a problem of adolescence. Unfortunately, very often, even in adulthood, one or several nasty pimples can crawl out, due to which the whole appearance of the face deteriorates, the mood drops to the lowest bar.

But acne is not only frustrating with its appearance, but also leaves behind unpleasant traces, which are pretty well noticeable. How to get rid of spots after acne, because they can stay on the face for more than one month?

First, analyze the causes of their occurrence. One of the most important reasons why these very spots appear is the pigment melanin, which contributes to staining the location of the pimple.

Acne carries the inflammatory process, which is a direct signal to the production of melanin. Other causes of stains are late treatment and disinfection of inflamed areas, self-squeezing acne, which is what the vast majority of the fair sex thinks about.But there is also good news - these spots are, of course, a curable and temporary phenomenon.

The rate of getting rid of the hated reddening and scarring will depend on how far the whole disease process is running, that is, on the intensity of the inflammation itself, as well as on the depth. The sooner you start the correct treatment, the faster and easier it will be to get rid of both the acne and its unpleasant consequences.

Available methods

There are many ways to get rid of such an illness; each of them is effective and good in its own way; you will need to decide how to use it, through trial and error.

The easiest and most effective way to get rid of dark spots after acne is, of course, professional medical cosmetology.

It is necessary to contact a dermato-cosmetologist when there are too many spots on the face (for each degree of neglect it is its own) and they bring real discomfort, and maybe even painful sensations.

It is not worth it because of one or two specks to run to an appointment with a specialist, while spending a lot of money, and even a couple of small specks are more likely to cure at home than half of the face.

What does cosmetology offer?

The most common procedures that allow to remove traces on the skin are peeling, laser polishing, microcurrent therapy and fractional photothermolysis.

Peeling is a well-known procedure by which the surface layer of the skin is removed. Laser polishing is, in principle, peeling, only a laser effect.

In ordinary peeling, there may be chemical and mechanical effects. It is believed that laser resurfacing is a safer method of controlling stains.

Fractional photothermolysis is a procedure that helps to remove even very deep traces of pigmentation, as well as microcurrent therapy.

But it is better to use such therapies when you are sure that you cannot cope on your own. Treatment by such methods can last from one week to several months, everything will depend on how severe the particular case is.

Cosmetic products

On the shelves in the perfume shops, you can easily find all sorts of creams and ointments that should help from such stains.But, frankly, such tools can help only if the unpleasant effects of acne are very light and not complicated, and then you have to spend more than one week to get rid of them.

You can try drugs that are sold in pharmacies. It can also be ointments or gels, but the effect of their impact will be significantly higher than that of ordinary commercial creams.

It is best to use those drugs and drugs that are based on natural ingredients. The knowledge and use of these folk remedies will help you, without resorting to purchased ointments, to treat problem areas at home. So, how can you remove the spots on the face after acne, using the secrets of traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine is ready to help

Very often, when dealing with pigment spots, they use masks that have a lightening effect. Such agents should be applied more precisely to clarify the affected areas. If you want to whiten the skin as a whole, then you can apply them on the entire face. After the use of such masks, it is better to hide from the active sun, it is advisable not to go out on that day at all.Usually such procedures are done no more than 1-2 times a week.

Effective whitening masks

This mask is a strong bleaching agent, so it is best to apply it only on the necessary areas. You will need: protein 1 egg and a couple of teaspoons of juice of freshly squeezed lemon. We mix the ingredients thoroughly, put the mixture on the face, hold for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

There is another version of the whitening mask, for it you will need white clay powder, freshly squeezed lemon juice and some water. Mix all in approximately equal proportions to make the mixture sour-soaked. The procedure lasts no more than 15 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Ordinary cucumber has excellent whitening properties. Using this vegetable for similar purposes, it is possible to achieve not only the disappearance of pigment spots, but also getting rid of small wrinkles, giving the skin elasticity and healthy color. You can use both ordinary cucumber juice and sliced ​​rings. The use of a cucumber mask or face lotion will be very useful. You can hold a cucumber mask or juice for up to half an hour.

And how to get rid of this unpleasant disease,if the spots after the rashes are not so saturated and they are relatively few, but do not want to use bleaching agents? To combat stains, I'll come up with the means that have an equalizing effect.

Skin Leveling Agents

Perfectly can be a decoction of parsley. To do this, you have to brew the parsley, cool the broth and pour it into ice molds, then freeze it. Every morning, instead of washing with ordinary water, you can wipe your face with such cubes, which will not only even out the complexion, but also perfectly tone up the skin and improve blood circulation.

You can use medical paraffin. You can buy it in the pharmacy, and for use, paraffin must be melt and apply with cotton buds to the affected areas. After it cools down, gently remove and moisturize the skin with a nourishing cream.

Excellent impact is carried by various types of clays - white, green and blue. They do not need to be mixed with other ingredients, it will be enough to dilute the powder with water, bring the mixture to a sour cream and apply it to the face. To conduct such procedures should not be more than once a week, walking in such a mask should be 20-30 minutes.

If all of the above methods do not help at all, or the effect of their use quickly disappears, then you should think about your diet. Remember that multiple skin rashes are a sure sign that the body is sick, not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

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