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Hour for creativity: 3 favorite master classes for the New Year

Before the New Year, there are already less than 2 weeks, which means that it's time to decorate your home for the holidays. Small crafts and pleasant holiday trivia - all that will help to create the right atmosphere on this most magical night of the year. We offer you an interesting selection of 3 master classes that will help you quickly decorate the interior of your house in the New Year's style.

Cute Christmas trees-pendants


New Years is soon!

I decided to prepare a master class on a Christmas tree toy. We will make Christmas trees-pendants. These pendants can be hung on the Christmas tree, you can beautifully pack and give to relatives for winter holidays. And most importantly, you can attract children to this activity! For smaller children, 3-6 years old, you need to make a blank and provide them with the whole creative process of painting the Christmas tree. I once led a group of children for 3-4 years, we painted such preparations. The children were very proud to take the craft home and hang it on the Christmas tree.Older children will be able to sew the foundation themselves and prime.

So! What we need:

  • Fabric thick cotton or linen. I use a monochrome fabric from Ikea "Land". The size of the piece depends on how many Christmas trees you want to make.
  • Scissors.
  • Acrylic and lacquer matt primer. I bought in Leonardo.
  • Any filler, I took sintepon.
  • Acrylic paints for painting.
  • Twine or ribbon for the eyelet.
  • A sheet of paper and a pencil.
  • Sewing machine, thread.

You can proceed!

1. We take paper and pencil and draw a triangle, round the edges, this is our Christmas tree. The triangle can be made equilateral or elongated. Below we draw a leg. My Christmas tree was 12 cm tall.

2. We cut.

3. Fold the fabric in half, put the stencil on the fabric and draw.

4. Retreat 5 mm for seam allowance and draw another contour.

5. Cut out. We take a twine or a ribbon, cut off 25 cm, tie a knot and put it on one of the details of the Christmas tree, cover the other one from above.

6. Grind on a typewriter, you can manually. Bottom legs do not sew, through this hole we will turn out the workpiece.

7. Invert and stuff. Bottom Christmas trees sewed by hand or on a typewriter, having turned the edges inward.

8.We take acrylic primer, brush and priming the workpiece. Leave to dry.

9. When the workpiece is dry, you can take a pencil and draw a pattern. Here we include all our creativity and fantasy. I got a geometric pattern.

10. And now the most interesting! Take the paint! Children do an excellent job with this task. They can not even use a pencil, just paints. I have acrylic metallic, so I took silver, gold and bronze. Now, in random order, fill in a pencil ornament.

11. It seemed to me that I needed to add contour lines. I took a marker and circled some points.

12. Now you can cover with acrylic varnish. You can do without it. The paint will not wash off and will not fly. From above you can thread a bead or tie a bow.

For children, pencil marking is not needed. They manage to paint remarkably well, only in advance it is necessary to wrap up small artists in aprons and to spread an oilcloth on the table.

Herringbone is ready!

Therefore, the principle can be made houses, hearts and so on.

New Year tree in 1 hour


Family members and children can help. This will create a special mood on the eve of the holiday.

We will need:

  • newspapers (I took the yellow color, but it does not matter);
  • hay (in the pet store you can buy cheap hay for rabbits, or pick up dry grass in the park);
  • dried lemon or orange slices;
  • different laces and ribbons;
  • colored decorative berries, or fruits, or flowers (at your discretion);
  • scissors;
  • Moment glue (or glue gun);
  • fishing line (or colorless thread, you can use colored threads).

Let's start our exciting work:

Let's turn the newspaper into a cone, fixing it with glue. We cut off unnecessary ends with scissors;

Inside the cone we will put crumpled pieces of the newspaper, also promazyvaya their glue for fixation. We have a fairly solid cone for further work;

cone we glue. We will gradually put hay on the glue; fix our pyramid with a line;

take some of our ribbons and laces and wrap the Christmas tree in different directions. This will again help us the moment "glue";

the next layer is dry lemons. Fix it with glue;

then in the course let the colored berries;

The final touch of our decorations is the most beautiful ribbon. On my Christmas tree, I used a decorative twisted golden cord.And for the décor, we add two little pieces - apples.

Gift boxes-stars for 10 minutes


The theme of gift wrapping never loses its relevance 🙂 So I decided to share with the Fair a small and simple, but pretty idea - we'll make lovely chubby gift boxes in the form of stars.

I have prepared several design options, they need to be printed on A4 sheet of thick paper.

The further process of making the box will take 10 minutes.
Cut out the contour of the box and the star tag.
We pierce the holes in the marked places with a hole puncher and set them on the grommet. On the tag too.
Fold in half.
Bend the side parts for gluing.
We glue them to the back of the box, leaving one section - through it you need to put in a gift box.
And we seal the last valve.
Squeeze the box from the sides, gently giving it the volume and shape of a star.
Align each ray, that's how it works:
Now pass the rope into the tag. On the tag, you can write a name or a wish ... 🙂
We skip the ends of the rope through the grommets on the box and tie a knot.
We hide the bundle inside the box, it's ready!
It turns out quite a nice thing 🙂 If you recollect the New Year theme - then you can put some yummy and hang it on the Christmas tree 🙂 The size of the ready-made box printed on A4 from the beam to the beam is 14 cm.


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