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Honeymoon is the sweetest time after the wedding ceremony. Young people enjoy each other, traveling around the country, or fly abroad in search of unusual places to spend the honeymoon.

Travel agencies will always tell you where to spend your honeymoon, showing off the luxury hotels on the islands or praising Europe. And to prepare for the wedding ended before the ceremony itself, the future spouses must decide in advance where they want to spend their honeymoon.

But will they be able to satisfy the requests of young photos from the catalog? Perhaps the more useful information other than colorful pictures, the better.

That is why we offer you a trip to the most fabulous places where your honeymoon will be truly unforgettable!

Honeymoon in Europe

If your honeymoon trip is associated with Europe, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and many other countries are at your service. Depending on the time of year, each state has something to offer you.

Royal Journey: Croatia

Bizarre medieval cities, stunning coastal views, secluded beaches, excellent cuisine - all this refers to the mysterious Croatia.

Among the cities to be visited are the following: Rovinj, Brela, Medulin, Lovran, Bol, as well as the island of Krk - the pearl of Croatia.

Rovinj is one of the most romantic cities in Croatia. Fancy architecture, narrow streets, picturesque coast - here you will spend a colorful honeymoon.

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Brela is the best beaches of Croatia with their clear water and beautiful mountain spurs of the Dinar Alps. The beaches of Brela are considered one of the most beautiful on the planet.

Honeymoon in the city of Brela will allow you to feel like a bird in a paradise corner!

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France: love is born in Paris

If the beaches and urban architecture of Croatia are uninteresting to you, go to Paris. No other city will be so romantic and emotional! Here, not only the Eiffel Tower is waiting for you (by the way, it is best to come to it at night - it glows so gorgeous at night that it captures the spirit).

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Want impressions? Visit Disneyland - the sea of ​​fun is guaranteed!The vast territory and many attractions for every taste can awaken the most sincere emotions. Do not forget to take a picture with Disney's cartoon characters - let your honeymoon be remembered not only by you, but also by your first family photo album.

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Lovers who are looking for extreme sports, certainly worth to go to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. This region is rightfully considered the world center of extreme - climbers adore local scenic routes.

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If your wedding takes place in the winter, you simply have to spend your honeymoon in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc! The mass of entertainment, the purest mountain air, charming houses in the night illumination - to visit here means to visit a fairy tale.

It is worth saying that in the summer at the foot of Mount Mont Blanc you are waiting for no less stunning scenery.

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Exciting and passionate Spain

Madrid is a city where you can spend a great honeymoon. The city is literally littered with sights - here and the Royal Tapestry Factory, and many art galleries, the Royal Palace with its amazing gardens, and, of course, Plaza de Toros - the arena where the bullfight.

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Another unusual place in Spain is Valencia - the city of flowers and love. For many years, gardens bloom on the streets of this city, and the scent of oranges is heard in the air.

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A place that is compulsory to visit in Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences. It can be safely called the most extraordinary architectural structure of recent years. The complex consists of several structures - it is the Opera Theater, the Museum of Art, the Planetarium, the laser theater, the cinema, the Garden and the gallery, the Science Museum, the Oceanarium. Particular attention should be paid to the Oceanarium - here you will be allowed to dive into one of the world's largest aquariums and swim with sharks.

Want to tickle your nerves? The Oceanarium of Valencia is waiting for you. Such a trip will never be forgotten!

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As you can see, you can spend a honeymoon in the most colorful places in Europe. Well, if you want to break away from the world, we will show you some amazing islands.

Honeymoon Islands

There are so many islands in the world that only those who know the secret of reincarnation will be able to visit each of them. Well, you and I will have to choose the most beautiful place on the planet, because life flies by unnoticed,and the honeymoon is the best reason to forget about everyday life and enjoy the paradise of our incredible planet.

Rest on the islands is always exclusive. Contrary to the general misconception that the islands are boring, each island offers its own unique entertainment program and a unique menu.

The days spent on the island will be the most colorful memories of the beginning of your family life.

We know exactly where you should go on a honeymoon!

Seychelles: oceanic miracle

Seychelles consists of many islands, the most interesting of which are Mahe, Frigate, La Digue. You can list the Seychelles to infinity, but today we will focus on these three completely different points of one large state.

The frigate is a fashionable resort for the most demanding tourists. If your dream is to retire in the Indian Ocean, fly to the Frigate Island. Here you will find magnificent sandy beaches, rare tropical birds and giant turtles. Relaxing in the shade of coconut palms and admiring exotic vegetation will be your favorite activity for the entire honeymoon.

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La Digue is a unique place.Only here you can see the pink beaches! The secret of this color of sand - microparticles of granite, covering the coast. During sunset, the beach takes on a passionate red color. La Digue Island is one of the best places for a honeymoon.

Palms on the beach at La Digue, SeychellesPHOTO wedding-42

One of the most visited places by tourists is the island of Mahe, which also belongs to the archipelago of the Seychelles. Mahe can be driven by car in just a day, while on a piece of an extinct volcano there is a huge world of entertainment.

Here you will find fish restaurants, scuba diving, excursions to the tea factory and the village of Artisans, and endless gardens - Orchid Gardens, the Royal Spice Garden, the Mont Fleury Botanical Garden, called the Garden of Miracles. The island of Mae is able to turn the newlyweds head!

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Vieques, Puerto Rico - Glowing Island

If you are going to Vieques for the first time and do not imagine your life without spectacular landscapes, this heavenly place will be your favorite! The fact is that Vieques is known not only as a reserve of flora and fauna. In the darkest nights on the surface of the water near the Mosquito bay glow with green-blue fluorescent lights.This incredible phenomenon is the result of a biochemical reaction that is produced by individual marine organisms (namely, single-celled algae, with which the Vieques waters are rich).

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Fascinating, right? Is it possible to find a more romantic place for a honeymoon?

Honeymoon in Russia

Well, if you decide to spend your honeymoon not abroad, but in Russia, you can also find a lot of interesting things in this country.


This sunny city always meets lovers with special generosity. Mineral springs, ice arenas, Olympic Park, aquacomplexes, aquarium, marine zoo, extreme parks - in Sochi you will not be bored.

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Cruise on the rivers

Comfortable boat and river surface can be good companions in your honeymoon honeymoon trip. Depending on the chosen route, you have the opportunity to admire the expanses of the Volga or the Don, to get acquainted with the pride of the Perm Territory - the Kama River.

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Mountain Altai

Newlyweds, who have a lot of energy and have a desire to join the extreme, like the journey through Altai. Lake Teletskoye will give you the feeling that time has stopped.This lake includes a list of World Heritage sites of Mankind, and is considered to be the most mysterious place of Altai. Here there is a special atmosphere of peace and bright thoughts.

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Another fascinating place is the Tavdinsky Caves. The tunnels and arches allow you to learn more about the history of the caves, and on the observation deck offers an incredibly beautiful panorama of the valley of the Katun River.


Summing up, I want to note once again - where to spend your honeymoon, depends on your preferences. Well, the options we offer are very different places - from caves to cream beaches, from cold rivers to hot sunshine - will help you decide on the choice of the most romantic and the most fabulous corner.

Let your honeymoon last for many years, and the journey will leave an incredible impression!


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