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Healing properties of orange oil

Orange is probably the most famous fruit in the world. Its color is always joyous, its smell is recognizable, and the shape is the same as that of the sun. Orange, round, fragrant fruits do not leave anyone indifferent. A lot of useful qualities are inherent in this fruit - a huge content of vitamin C, thirsting properties, an incredibly pleasant smell - the basis of many perfume compositions. But there is another advantage - from it get a great essential oil, the usefulness of which is difficult to overestimate.

general characteristics

Among the many, orange oil is one of the leading positions. It is no coincidence. Its beneficial properties are very multifaceted. It can be obtained in various ways, but the properties do not change depending on which method was obtained.

Probably, the main advantage can be called aromatic properties. Widely used in herbal medicine. Many oils have a rather tart or specific flavor.But only one thing about orange can be said - it has a very pleasant smell.

Use in cosmetology

Orange oil is used in cosmetology, probably more often than any other aromatic product. It is part of many natural creams, masks, shampoos. But all these funds will not have a long shelf life, because the ethers are very volatile, they will not work for a long time.

Very beneficial effect on the hair and scalp. For example, a mask for hair with the content of such oil can simply transform hair beyond recognition. A light citrus smell gives a woman even more charm and attractiveness.

The easiest way to use the fascinating properties is to add a few drops of orange oil to any shampoo or hair balm. And now, the most common means for hair turns into a unique, fragrant, and most importantly, useful tool of transformation.

When used in body care, you should pay attention to the ability to improve carbohydrate metabolism, normalize blood circulation and splits fats perfectly. And all these qualities are necessary when dealing with excess weight and cellulite.

If you add a few drops of citrus oil to the water while taking a bath, cellulite, of course, will not disappear completely, but it will not progress.

And if you need radical measures against cellulite, you should resort to a special wrap. Recognized as the most effective honey wrap with the addition of orange oil. A tablespoon of honey and five drops of fragrant ether is rubbed into problem areas and wrapped in plastic wrap. After half an hour, the film is removed. The effect will truly surprise you.

Bath procedures

An excellent means of raising the mood, improving performance and relieving fatigue can be called bathing procedures using orange oil. In a bath or a sauna very often they use certain ethers, but an orange can work wonders.

If fir or cedar is considered an oil of health, then orange gives beauty. If you add 2-3 drops of orange into a tablespoon of a regular vegetable and apply it on your body and face, then after a bath or sauna you just won't recognize your skin.

It should be said that it excellently excretes toxins, and in any organism there are plenty of toxins.A bath or sauna, wet or dry steam helps the pores of the skin to open. The skin begins to strenuously give away all unnecessary, the high temperature accelerates the metabolic processes, and if you use orange oil in this case, the expected effect will only increase.

Do not forget about deep cleansing. The scrub for the face or body, in fact, acts the same way - it peels off the dead epidermis cells and opens the pores. A couple of drops added to any scrub, even in a homemade one, can do the “job” of cleansing in the best way possible. And the properties of the orange to improve the blood supply will reinforce the effect.


If the room where you went, using an aromatic lamp with orange ether - you can be sure there will be no trace of fatigue. And the emotional state will become peaceful and "smiling." This is how it “works” in aromatherapy.

It is no coincidence that an enormous amount of household chemical products is produced on its basis. Air fresheners, cleaning products, detergents, dishwashing detergents - all this is used almost daily. And, of course, a great orange scent just destroys all the negative sensations from cleaning and leaves a unique smell of purity and freshness.

Cooking. Pharmacology

Do not forget about the use in cooking. Citrus cake, a huge variety of candies, drinks - all of these products have a memorable, very pleasant taste. And they owe it to the orange oil, which is part of them - both in pure form and in the form of extracts.

Juicy, ripe orange is able to "drown out" even the taste of "nasty drugs"! It is added to many mixtures and suspensions in pharmacology, and these medicines cease to be so unpleasant to taste.


Be sure to remember that any essential oils have an extremely high degree of allergenicity. Reactions can be very serious. And, of course, orange is no exception. In addition, it has one feature - in the sun it oxidizes and becomes toxic. Therefore, do not use on the face and body, if you go out or plan to sunbathe. Wait until fully absorbed.

Orange oil deserves the highest mark among all essential oils. Not for nothing that is so wide the scope of its application. But, nevertheless, when using be reasonable, use only in the required doses and for the intended purpose.If you follow all the simple recommendations, you will see that this product is able to give beauty and health.

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