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Hair tattoo - a stylish solution for fashionable people.

If you want to change or update your image, then decide on a “hair tattoo”!

What it is?

What is a hair tattoo? The name translates as "tattoo on the hair" or "tattoo of the hair." And this really reflects the essence of the concept, because "hair tattoo" assumes artistic hair cutting. And experienced masters can create real masterpieces, truly reminiscent of bright tattoos.

To process hair in this original way, the master first cuts it with a typewriter to a certain length (usually 3-5 millimeters), then begins to literally draw a special thin blade on the head, shaving out patterns.

Who is suitable?

Such hair ornament as "hair tattoo" is intended not only for men, but also for women. In addition, even children (boys, of course) are delighted with him. In the fair sex, the temporal areas and the back of the head are usually treated, the rest of the hair is not shaved (any length is acceptable).

How to care for a hair tattoo?

Special care "hair tattoo" does not require.But if you used paint of different shades to create a pattern, you can use special shampoos for colored hair to save the intensity of the colors.

It should be noted that the picture looks stylish, contrasting and bright only during the first few weeks. Then, as the hair grows back, the pattern blurs. And if you want to save it, contact the wizard again. And to create a new pattern, wait until the hair grows to the desired length.

“Hair tattoo” looks bright and stylish in the photo and in life, so if you want to create a creative image, take this step!

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