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Summer Sales Guide: Everything You Can and Should Buy


White t-shirts, striped shirts, blue jeans, voluminous jackets - a women's wardrobe is unthinkable without these all things, right? We buy them several times during the year, so why not do it at half price? Sale is a great way to save on such consumable wardrobe items as the base, so do not believe your, perhaps, stingy inner voice, which whispers: “Well, why do you need another vest?”

Stripped vest Petit Bateau

Petite Bateau (1 100 rubles at a discount)

For work

Trousers, jackets, pencil skirts - if you are an office worker, you know how difficult it is to replenish the classic wardrobe. Conscience and an inner fashion critic demand that these elegant items be ideal cut. That is why the sale - a great reason to go for a working dress code in the shops of decent (and not cheap!) Brands that know a lot about good materials, the right shades and timeless fit.

Cardigan Tibi

Tibi Jacket (£ 336 at discount)


Ahead of autumn, which means that we are waiting for the search for the next trench, bombers, jackets - who loves. And since the purchase of outerwear is an impressive item of expenses, the sales period is an excellent opportunity to save a little, especially since the timeless above-mentioned models practically do not change from season to season. Have you seen a beautiful double-breasted coat or a cool green parka? Take it!

Norma Kamali Coat

Coat Norma Kamali (21,135 rubles at a discount)


A bag-tote, a dimensionless shopper, a clutch or a backpack - quality classic options always wait for discounts. Hits, of course, fly apart, they are bought in the first place, but in a couple of months you will not find things more old-fashioned than these. Therefore, our hearts always tremble at the sight of cult bags at half price. Collecting them is always fun and profitable. Such a bag is easy to sell, give a daughter, in the end, or get it in a couple of years - the accessory will not lose its relevance.

Botkier Tote

Bulk bag with short handles Botkier (13 000 rubles at a discount)


Usually women please themselves with beautiful underwear in the last turn, making a bet on dresses or shoes. But it is with linen that a good mood starts and a special feeling of one's own femininity.Of course, meeting a man, we first run for a new lace set, but sales are the very case when it is important to remember about ourselves without regard to the gentleman. And in general, make a habit of buying clothes as often as possible - instead of desserts, for example.

Bra Stella McCartney

Bra Stella McCartney (£ 53 at a discount)


And again we rely on those who are always in the ranks. Lofers, boats, ankle boots, or white sneakers are the most promising components of the right shoe shelf. Buying something "unusual" in a fit of greed (for example, high-heeled shoes with a feather at a discount of 70%) is very rash. Wear one or two times and forget how terrible a dream. The triumph of consistency, along with a good discount - the key to successful shopping during sales.

Hogl Loafers

Hogl Loafers (RUB 7,714 at a discount)

All that will be relevant in the next season

Every far-sighted fashionista knows how cool it is to buy the hits of the future in the present and wear them one of the first, and not dive after everyone in the wave of the popularity of certain things. Among these, this fall will definitely be neon outfits, animal paintings, eighties, an adapted western and romantic floor-length dresses - and this is only part of the trends.Still, clothes, no matter how much we want, have nothing to do with love at first sight.


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