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Graduation song, beautiful and lyrical for 11, 9, 4, 1 classes and kindergartens

We are in fifth grade for the first time.
All of us met, and us
You fell in love very dearly. The light class was so beautiful
But the view is even more beautiful than yours,
The glitter of your eyes inspired hope. You are like a caring mother
We wanted to be smart,
Warm, caring surrounded ... Your strict mind and kindness
We have always been a support
You helped us a lot
Our teacher, our beloved,
Thank you for all of us,
Wanted and your words
We will never forget.

Our whole 11th grade
He says to you: “Forgive us,
That you involuntarily grieved,

What we did not always obeyed
And sometimes they were offended. ”
But you understood that

As for salvation, they walked to you,
You helped us with advice,
And we have realized a lot.

We matured - that's the point.
Alas, it's time to get sad
About irrevocable school days.

Our head is cool,
Thank you for all of you.
We will save school in our hearts
And we will come to you again and again.

On the motif of the song "It's great that we all are here today!"

The bell rings confidently
Persistently, measuredly,
The hour of parting is nearing
The eyes are already in tears.
Well, how to be, we, dear,
Dear teachers,
Without you there is no joy in life,
Where are we without you?

Here we grew up in uncle,
Our girls are girls.
Though marry give out.
And so nice to feel
What is in this world
Those people that love us
And do not forget us!

And the joys and troubles we
Lived like a moment
Although there were problems,
But this is nonsense.
Grigorievna, darling,
Though sometimes grumbling,
But we know that substitute
Always your shoulder!

Thank you for your knowledge,
Patience, attention.
But the main science
- You gave a passport to life.
So stay forever in health,
May God grant you strength and courage,
So that in a year we are with you
Here also gathered!

On the motif of the song "Your Honor, Madame Luck"

Your Honor, Lady Luck
For whom you are kind, and to whom - otherwise.
A faithful friend, do not let us down:
No luck in the estimates, lucky in love.
Your Honor, Mrs. Separation,
We leave school, that's such a thing.
In a difficult moment, school, help:
No luck with a ticket, luck in love.
Your honor, my lady's victory,
We endure all difficulties - we promise it.
Only all the good things in life are ahead:
Luck with the exam - just believe and wait!

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