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Gold earrings: with or without stones?

When choosing earrings for yourself or for a gift, we are faced with a logical dilemma: what is the point of looking at our models - models without decor or earrings incrusted with stones?

The decision is complicated by a variety of jewelry. The range offers us simpler models in a concise style, as well as multi-faceted earrings with pearls, ruby, emeralds ... In the online store catalogGold(which is considered to be one of the most extensive in Ukraine), there are also gold diamond earrings, which means that you will have to choose jewelry from the most incredible forms and compositions.

Modesty is not a vice

Judging by the excavations of archaeologists, the first earrings "BC" were deprived of the addition of stones. Inlaid with nuggets is a later technique and is associated primarily with the development of industry, the expansion of human capabilities in the extraction and processing of minerals.

The appearance of a shiny “drop” of a nugget on the modest rim in the ear lobe significantly adorned the nature of the earring.Meanwhile, fashion and jewelry without stones did not run out. What is the secret - who and why chooses earrings without decor?

  • Gold earrings https://zlato.ua/ru/f-gold_585-earrings/ in the form of rings, arches, floristic elements or geometric shapes are universal because they fit any style of wardrobe with regard to the individual features of the owner (while especially in specific colors, not suitable for everyone).
  • Modesty as a virtue is an advantage of earrings without nuggets. This type of products in the form of studs (studs), rings or broaches fits a strict business dress code (it is important to remember that often corporate style does not allow jewelry on the staff).
  • Earrings without stones are much cheaper - even people with modest incomes are able to buy them.

"Pros and cons"

In favor of silver and gold earrings with stones, there are also a lot of "reinforced concrete" facts. Firstly, precious metals (and especially the elite group: white and classic gold, platinum) are literally created for the brilliance of nuggets.

Secondly, the stones make the decoration elegant, which is important for making a solemn wardrobe (for example, on the occasion of a wedding - how can you do without gold earrings with delicate pearls?)

There is also a third argument.Nature is generous with gifts, and therefore every woman has an “own” gem - emerald, topaz, amethyst, ruby, etc. Nobody has canceled the sacral properties of nuggets, therefore, earrings with a specific mineral of natural or synthetic origin are often bought or presented as a charm.

According to the fashionistas, in the casket of the modern lady there should be several pairs of earrings - for everyday and formal wear. In order not to be confused in the pros and cons, it is better to purchase two or three pairs of jewelry with and without stones. Prices for branded collections of domestic jewelers are quite affordable. So, it remains only to choose.


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