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Any housewife wants her home to be cozy and comfortable for everyone! Very often, we are confused by smells in a particular room, for example, the smell of medicine in the bedroom. I found the perfect option for myself, how to make it so that it would smell great and fit the interior. For this we need very little. 1. The photo you like. 2. Photo frame. 3. Glue gun. 4. Flower fragrance "Dofta" (sold in Ikea).
To begin, we will sprinkle dried flowers on the desktop to make it easier to choose suitable ones. Photo-blaze
Prepare a photo frame and heat the gun.
 Photo Blaze
 Fotozap x We select dried flowers resembling the size and color. I first chose green and start to glue on the frame.  Fotozapah We glue about a quarter of the frame. The corner of the selection frame sticking dried flowers of a larger size and another shapebut the same color.
While the green dried flowers are solidly hardening, we select the light petals of dried flowers. [/L_REPEAT]

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