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Flowers in a vase from a plastic bottle

It's nice when there are flowers in the room on the table. They are pleasing to the eye. But real flowers quickly fade. Buy them all the time no one will. And to ruin the city lawns hardly anyone would ever think. A living bouquet, however, you can find a replacement - artificial flowers. And you can make them yourself.
Flowers in a Vase from a Plastic Bottle
You do not need to spend money on expensive materials to make such a craft. It is made of the simplest, handy things. For such colors, all you need is a plastic bottle, a sheet of white office paper, and large foam plastic. It will be interesting to look ribbed bottle. But you can take a simple one. And its size does not matter at all. From the tools you need only scissors.
Flowers in a Vase from a Plastic Bottle
First you need to prepare a bottle: gently cut the neck and the narrowest of its upper part, then,starting with the cut edge, cut the container to about half the thin strips. These stripes are the future stalks of flowers. The thinner they are, the more accurate they will look. At the second stage, small flowers are cut from the prepared paper. The diameter of each flower is up to two centimeters. It can be any flowers - from chamomile to cornflower. The shape of the petals does not play a big role. Then balls are separated from a piece of polyfoam - foam plastic. It is desirable that the foam consists of large balls. They will be easier to put on the stalks.
Flowers in a vase from a plastic bottle
Now you need to put foam balls and flowers on each stem, combining them, as is done, for example, when stringing beads on a thread. Although it is not necessary to put on each stalk the same number of flowers and foams. Diversity will give a bouquet of liveliness.
Flowers in a Vase from a plastic bottle
At the last stage, you can decorate the vase itself, that is, the bottom of the bottle. Pour into it the remaining foam, paint, cover with nail polish or glue with colored paper. And the handicraft is ready.
Flowers in a vase from a plastic bottle
This is just an option of what it is possible to turn an unnecessary plastic container. Instead of flowers you can make a tree, a bush with berries and even a palm tree. Everything here depends on the taste of the master and his creative approach to work.
 Flowers in a vase from a plastic bottle

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