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Satin ribbon is an excellent material for making a wide variety of products. Bows, hair ornaments, brooches are made from ribbons of various widths and colors, they are used instead of embroidery threads. I suggest trying to make a flower out of a wide pink satin ribbon that can be used to decorate a photo frame or decorate curtains.
 Flower of satin ribbons
To to make such a flower, you need to prepare such materials and tools: • Wide satin ribbon of bright color • Sharp scissors • Clip for fabric • Transparent waterproof glue • • Fishing line • Pink beads of medium size • Beautiful button • • B ishernaya white color • Lighter or candle First you need to make flower petals. The tape must be cut into rectangles so that one side is twice as large as the other. In other words, if we take a ribbon 5 cm wide, then the rectangles should be 5x10 cm. The angles of the rectangles roll down to the middle. fold down to the middle
Then the two sides of the workpiece are joined together and the bottom edge is fixed with a clip for the fabric. If there is no clamp, you can use tweezers.
 use tweezers
Cut off the lower edge with sharp scissors and solder the cut with a lighter. Scissors must be sharp, otherwise you can hopelessly spoil the workpiece. These petals need to cook 8-10 pieces. The number of petals depends on the width of the tape - the wider the tape we take to make the petals, the more they will need to be made.
 we cut the lower edge with sharp scissors

When all the petals are ready, you can start collecting the flower. Cut a circle from the satin ribbon and process its edges with a flame of a candle or lighter. Then paste all the prepared petals on this circle. To make a flower beautiful, when gluing, we use the rule of an hour hand, that is, we first glue two petals opposite each other (at 12 and 6 o'clock).Then evenly distribute the remaining petals between the pasted ones  petals between pasted Let's leave the flower to dry, but for now we will manufacture additional parts. Take a fishing line and cut into pieces of 7-10 cm. Leave a few pieces of tape as they are and simply paste them into the middle between the petals. And from three pieces we will make preparations from the felling and beads.
 make logs from cuttings and beads
You can lock the top bead with the help of an eyelet, the edge of which is hidden under the cabin. The lower edge of the line should be fused with a cigarette lighter or a candle and pressed with your fingers to the extreme bead.  Fix the upper bead Prepared preforms paste in the center of the flower. First you need to squeeze a large drop of transparent glue into the middle, then insert one piece of workpiece with beads, then arrange the lines in random order in the same place. Then you need to decorate the heart of the flower.To do this, take any beautiful button that exists in the house, apply some glue on it and place it in the center.
 take any beautiful button
Here's so easily made a bright, beautiful flower from a wide satin ribbon. It remains only to decide what it will decorate.
 Flower made of satin ribbons

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