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“First Player to Get Ready” and 6 more films of the weekend

In the gloomy pre-apocalyptic world of the future, people find a way out in virtual reality called OASIS. Once the creator of "Oasis" leaves a will, according to which the one who finds the hidden "secret" will become the owner of the whole computer world and a huge corporation. The guy Wade Watts is actively involved in the search and unexpectedly everyone comes forward.
The film “Prepare for the First Player”, based on Ernest Klein’s best-selling best-selling book, was both futuristic: the action takes place in 2045 - and nostalgic: the film has many references to the pop culture of the 1980s.

"I fight with the giants"

A touching drama about loneliness, loss and giants.

Producer:Anders Walter Hansen
Cast:Madison Woolf, Zoe Saldana, Imogen Putts, Sydney Wade

Schoolgirl-outsider Barbara every day is fighting with the giants. Her job is to protect people from the invasion of huge monsters.Others do not see any giants and consider Barbara strange.
Despite the fantasy background, “I Fight the Giants,” rather, a psychological drama about losses, evoking the films The Bridge to Terabithia and The Monster's Voice.

"Dear dictator"

A comedy about a girl and an autocrat.

Producer:Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse
Cast:Michael Kane, Odeya Rush, Katie Holmes, Seth Green

Teenage girl Tatiana is a typical rebel. She has blood on her to contradict the whole world, and when the school class writes letters to her idols, Tatyana composes a message to the cruel Latin American dictator Anton Vincent. Surprisingly, he responds to the girl, and once he finds himself on the threshold of her apartment in search of refuge. While the dictator is hiding from the rebels, Tatiana, under his leadership, learns to fight for their interests and beliefs.
Brilliant Michael Caine any film fills with his acting energy. In the “Dear dictator” his hero with a beard, resembling that of Fidel Castro, then the old man Hottabych, is just lovely.

"Not in itself"

Horror about how the heroine Claire Foy is going crazy. Or not.

Producer:Stephen Soderberg
Cast:Joshua Leonard, Claire Foy, Sarah Styles, Mark Kaddish, Amy Irving

Girl Savier all the time it seems that someone is pursuing her. She changed her job, the city, but the unknown still follows on her heels. Having applied for a consultation in a psychiatric clinic, the girl becomes a patient of the psychiatric hospital against her will and again sees her pursuer.
Similar to a dream in which it is impossible to escape from a pursuer, the first horror in the career of Stephen Soderbergh was filmed on the iPhone in just a week.

"Two mothers, two daughters"

Refined French drama about mom, daughter and grandmother.

Producer:Laura Schröder
Cast:Lolita Shamma, Themis Povel, Isabelle Huppert, Elsa Huben

Katherine (Lolita Shammah) returns to her home, where her mother and her daughter live, whom she has not seen for ten years. She has to improve relations with the imperious mother (Isabelle Huppert) and her daughter who has already forgotten her.
Looking at the leading lady, you are given a diva: where could you find an actress so similar to Isabelle Huppert, who was scripted by her mother! It turns out that Lolita and Isabel are the daughter and mother not only in the cinema, but also in life.

"Your way out, baby!"

German comedy about spouses who have gone into the lead.

Producer:Sven Unterwaldt - Jr.
Cast:Karolin Kebekus, Maxim Mehmet, Arina Prokofieva, Axel Stein, Yasmin Schwirs

Cute German comedy about spouses who are married is not the first year. At first they were uncontrollably attracted to each other, but after years the ardor died away, and Marc and Tony decided to divorce. In addition, each of the spouses received cool job offers: she was sent to Malta, he was sent to Tahiti. Now we have only to find out with whom the children will remain. Neither Mark nor Tony is eager to become a single parent and therefore are trying to put themselves in the worst light.

"President's vacation"

Comedy about President Utin.

Producer:Ilya Sherstobitov
Cast:Oleg Vasilkov, Dmitry Grachev, Anna Tsukanova-Kott, Nastasya Samburskaya, Evgeny Sidikhin, Kirill Vasilyev, Gosha Kutsenko, Dmitry Dibrov, Rosa Khairullina

Tired of smoothed reality, which he shoved, the Russian president decided to arrange a vacation and see the country unvarnished. Before heading to Crimea incognito, the president puts on a perfectly made mask, exactly the same person as Valera, who is hiding from the sewers.President Utin is immediately confused with Valera and sends the latter to a superintendent, where in the animators Dmitry Dibrov. And the president at this time will know all the delights of Russian life.


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