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"Fifty shades of freedom" and another 5 prime weekends

From the new "Fifty shades" is not worth waiting for something fantastic. Instead of an exciting and shocking film (after all, it could have been otherwise!) We had a low-fat erotica, a melancholy melodrama about the rich, who also cry.
In the second part, we left Anastacia and Gray half a step to the wedding. In the new, the third film, the sweet couple had already left for the honeymoon, Grays visited Paris and rested on the Cote d'Azur. This happiness, which is sadly watched, is diluted by a vigorous villain, the former boss of Anastacia. Thanks and on this, and even after all, even the sex of the Grey couple is terribly bored and cold.

"Wheel of Miracles"

Go to observe a good tradition: watch the new Woody Allen once a year.

Producer:Woody Allen
Cast:James Belushi, Juno Temple, Justin Timberlake, Kate Winslet, Max Casella

82-year-old Allen continues to work according to his traditional principle: he invites the stars to tell a banal, in essence, melodramatic story.
Stylish retro 50s of the XX century, the beach town of Coney Island ... Fat Humpty (James Belushi) watching the park carousel, his wife, imagining herself an actress, works as a waitress (Kate Winslet). One day, an adult daughter, Humptie, will run away from the mafia. Both women will fall in love with the handsome life-saver (Justin Timberlake), bored on the tower number seven, imagining himself a playwright.

"12 melodies of love"

Go to have a good laugh at the wonderful French comedy.

Producer:Claude Lelouch
Cast:Eric Dupont, Johnny Holliday, Nadia Fares, Jean Dujardin, Christopher Lambert

The musical romantic comedy of the French classic Claude Lelouch, who gave us “Man and Woman”. In a small provincial town of twelve men and twelve women will have to decide the fate of one of their fellow citizens. A lot of storylines intersect quite funny, so Harry Marshall's “Real Love” comes to mind. Love scenes, romantic stories, extramarital affairs, treason - all this appears in a funny light.
His last role in the "12 melodies of love" was played by the legendary Johnny Holliday.

"Meeting point"

To go to make sure: moral choice is not easy.

Producer:Paolo Genovese
Cast:Valerio Mastandrea, Marco Jallini, Alessandro Borgi, Silvio Muchchino, Alba Rorvequer

Italian intriguing drama with strong acting work from the director, who shot The Ideal Strangers.
To a man at a table in a cafe different people sit down, from the old retired women to the nun. Each of them is a mysterious stranger helps to solve the problem and fulfill the desire, but in return requires to do something very strange.
Paolo Genovese once again proves that you can make a beautiful, tragic, funny, provocative movie ... cheaply: without the crazy beauty of the locations, using the interiors of one cafe.

"Hunting Thieves"

Go if you want to please boyfriend.

Producer:Christian guidgest
Cast:Gerard Butler, Jordan Bridges, Pablo Schreiber, Ivan Jones

A sprightly film for a male audience based on the confrontation of robbers and policemen, with Gerard Butler in the lead role. The film project “Hunting for Thieves” was made taking into account the classic fighters of the past years, but he himself is unlikely to stand in this row.Yes, it is dynamic and holds on suspense, but you need to think carefully before you go to the shooters and catch up with a timing of two hours and twenty minutes.


Go, if you're wondering what kind of movie young directors shoot.

Producer:Margarita Mikhailova
Cast:Sophia Ozerova, Alena Toymintseva, Pyotr Skvortsov, Yulia Aug, Yuri Chursin, Hussein Dilber, Polina Aug, Jan Ge

The debut of the young Margarita Mikhailova, telling about the conquest of the capital by two girls. Julia wants to become a famous architect, Katya dreams of a singer's career. The story is not new, but the movie is worth watching to see a new look at Moscow - as a fresh, young, clean city. And the participants of the show “Voice” Yang Ge and Alyona Toymintseva took part in the cinema.


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