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Felting beads from wool

Today I want to share with you the secret of felting beads made of wool. Felting from wool is becoming more and more popular kind of needlework. Scarves, scarves, felt boots, dresses, covers on documents, flowers, figurines, toys and much more are woven from wool. One of the most popular trends in felting is felting blanks for the manufacture of jewelry. With one of the beautiful and stylish components of modern jewelry, I want to introduce you. Or rather, to teach how to make chic beads for a necklace, bracelet or earrings. So, in order to get a beautiful bead, we need: -Merino hair; -Wrap film with felting; -Filing needle; -Substituting needle for filtering; - A bottle of hot water; - Soap or detergent.
 Soap or detergent
Let's start. The process of felting beads I divide into: dry and wet. Let's start with the dry. To do this, on the film we will decompose the pieces of wool in such a way as to form as a mesh.
formed like a mesh
Ie first, wool is laid horizontally, and then vertically.
 stack horizontally
So do a few rows.
 do several rows
doing a few rows
After this wool is obtained, we neatly give the ball a shape .
shape the ball
Then get the resulting air and light ball on the substrate.

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