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Felt Toy Cheese

Toys made of felt are considered the safest for children, and if they are sewn with the hands of mother, then also the most beloved. As a material, felt looks great in products, it is easy to sew from it, it does not need processing, and the color palette in which it is sold allows you to fantasize and create absolutely amazing things. Especially often they make doll food out of felt - it looks like the real one in the finished form, therefore it delights children. This material class will help to sew cheese. The manufacturing process is as simple as possible; even a person far from handicraft can cope with it. You will need: - yellow felt and thread to match; - sintepon or cotton wool; - cardboard for the pattern and scissors. br> Any thread will suit, although mostly they use floss. Regular threads can be folded in half, thus increasing the thickness. Sintepon is better to take the thinnest, so that toy cheese does not look like a pillow.
 Felt toy cheese
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First you need to draw a pattern - this will help fantasy. Take a rectangle of 5 * 7 cm in size, draw cheese holes in it and cut them. Next, cut out two pieces of felt. Put them together, and between them lay a layer of a synthetic winterizer. Sew the details over the stitching seam. Process internal holes in the same way. Secure the thread and straighten the product.
 Toy felt cheese
 Toy Cheese from felt
 Felt toy cheese
Agree, nothing complicated, but your child will have an exclusive and interesting toy. You can finish a piece of bread, sausage, and other foodstuffs for which you can also use felt.

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