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Felt Cat

To sew such a cute cat you need quite a bit of materials and time. It will turn out to be a nice souvenir as a gift to your friends or as a key fob on your keys or bag for your loved one. Pattern can be increased and sew a cat-pillow.
Materials: • Paper Pattern. • Medium-density felt, in this case half an A4 sheet is enough. • Threads similar in color to felt. • Marker (crayon or soap) to transfer the pattern to felt. • • Needle. • • Filler (synthetic winterizer, sintepuh, cotton wool or trimming of soft tissues) • Scissors. • Ready eyes and nose (in the absence of ready-made eyes - pieces of white (light beige) and black felt, 2 black beads). • Universal adhesive er, the dragon). Felt for the manufacture of soft toys was chosen because it is soft, dense enough, the edges are not sprinkled with the open and there is a huge range of colors and shades. Also for soft toys, especially large sizes, suitable fleece. So, let's start.
Cut a paper pattern
Cut a paper pattern.

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