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Feijoa with honey, recipe with photo

Feijoa with honey, recipe with photoWe are used to treating illnesses, and not to prevent their occurrence. For most of us, it is much easier to drink the “miracle pill” than to take care of strengthening our immunity. But in nature there is a huge amount of useful plants and herbs, which are the real healers. Today we want to talk about one such natural miracle - feijoa. The fruit, unsightly, is fraught with an inexhaustible source of vitamins and trace elements. The firm green peel protects juicy, gentle, surprisingly tasty pulp. The main value of feijoa - the content of a large amount of iodine. Therefore, this berry is just an ideal treat for people with thyroid disease. Feijoa is also used as a preventive and therapeutic agent for tonsillitis, colds, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And the content of vitamin C, this berry is not inferior to lemon and other citrus.

The most useful part of the fruit - peel. It is not very pleasant to the taste and due to the large amount of tannins it leaves an astringent sensation on the tongue.Therefore, more often than not, the whole feijoa fruit is subject to additional processing: compote or jam is boiled, ground with sugar or honey. Today, we will share with you the recipes of the unique feijoa and honey dessert. Children will love this delicacy very much. It can be so difficult to make them eat something useful.


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