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Features of placental rejuvenation

We reflect on health and youth only when it begins to remind itself of unpleasant symptoms, as well as a reflection in the mirror, which is increasingly losing young features, acquiring new wrinkles, blemishes and irregularities.

Any woman dreams, as long as possible, to preserve the beauty and youth of her own skin and body, and this is quite realistic, especially if you seek help from modern medicine in time. And what does she say about this, by the way?

There are a considerable number of different procedures and techniques that promise a striking rejuvenation effect, however, placental therapy is something new, completely different from all other methods.

What is it and how is it done? Placental therapy appeared thanks to the Japanese, only a couple of decades ago, they managed to create a special drug that is a human placenta hydrolyzate. It was named Laennec, and was quickly enrolled in the ranks of the most revolutionary drugs, not only for rejuvenation, but also for the general restoration of the body’s vital forces.

This drug is manufactured using a special patented technology that begins with a careful selection of placenta tissue. In this case, it is taken only after a natural and safe birth, pregnancy should be desired, and the baby be born on time and healthy.

Donors undergo thorough checks, take tests for AIDS, HIV, hepatitis, and other serious diseases. Even after donating the placenta tissue, donors have been monitored by specialists for several years and continue to be tested for infectious diseases.

History of creation

It all began more than half a century ago, when a Japanese scientist, H. Quentaro, after studying the work of the famous Russian physiologist, managed to develop a revolutionary recipe for a new medicine that “worked” on the renewal of liver cells.

True, these events occurred in those times when there were not really any qualitative methods for cleaning the placenta with tissue. As a result, over time, side effects were identified, and therefore the development was suspended.

Only at the beginning of the XXI century, the Japanese pharmaceutical company, having improved the works of X.Kentaro, after a huge number of clinical trials, released the drug Laennec.

This unique product is almost completely devoid of any side effects, has a high safety and effectiveness, both in the treatment of a large number of diseases, improving immunity, and for general rejuvenation of the body.

By the way, today in the country of the Rising Sun, placental therapy with the help of the drug Laennec is included in the state program of recovery of the nation. In principle, you can estimate the result yourself: it was found that the highest life expectancy in Japan, in addition, the Japanese managed to almost completely eradicate cardiovascular diseases on a countrywide scale.

Possibilities of placental therapy

Perhaps the most important advantage of the drug Laennec is its unique ability to restore youth to the body, with what, not only from the outside, but, more importantly, but also from the inside!

A wide range of possibilities of this drug is based on its composition: cell growth factors that activate the synthesis of collagen, cytokine substances that stimulate the processes of renewal of skin cells, as well as various acids that are necessary for their normal functioning.

Plus, it includes a record number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, more than a hundred enzymes and about 18 types of amino acids that are involved in the process of building cells. In general, the real elixir of youth!

That is why the substances that are used during placental therapy, contribute not just to the cosmetic effect of rejuvenation, and affects the body from the inside. Patients who have just started a course of therapy, literally after the first sessions, feel much more active, the number of vitality increases.

The drug is injected into the body with intravenous or intramuscular injections, sometimes mesotherapy is used with injections. The disadvantages of such a procedure a little, except that the possible pain during injections, redness, itching or numbness in the places of injections.

However, these side effects are quite rare.


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