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Features care for neon fish

Neon fish - one of the most beautiful small aquarium fish. In Europe, it appeared relatively recently - a little more than 50 years ago, but very quickly spread among amateur hobbyists. This fish is shy, but easy to maintain.

Neon fish content

This is a small fish with an oblong body. In nature, it grows up to 6 cm, and in aquariums - up to 4.5 cm. The color of the fish can be varied, but it is almost always bright - green, blue, red, etc. Usually the body has one or two bright fish stripes.

neon fish
Neon fish is very bright
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Here are the basic requirements for maintenance and care:

  • Keep these timid fish need only flocks, at least 10 pieces. And besides, with a small number of these small fish will not be clearly visible, and their colorful bevy will give the aquarium colorful.
  • The size of the aquarium should be chosen at the rate of 15 liters for every 3-4 fish.
  • Background and primer, preferably, should be dark. It is more comfortable for fish and will accentuate their beauty well.
  • In the tank you need to place a lot of bogs, stones, ceramic structures, algae, including waterfowl. They will serve as neon shelters.
  • Too hard water can cause skin diseases and death in fish. The optimum hardness is pH 5-6.5.
  • Comfortable water temperature - 22-26 degrees.
  • Aeration and filtration is desirable. Well suited peat filter. Peat filtrate can also be added.
  • It is regularly worth replacing at least 25% of the total water volume.

In nature, this species of fish feeds on small insects that are on the surface of the water, as well as on small crustaceans. Therefore, in the aquarium for them is best suited live food. Although, in the absence of it, the fish will begin to eat and dry, the main thing is that it is small enough.

With proper care, the fish will live in your aquarium for up to 4-5 years.

Compatibility of neon fish with other fish

Neon is a calm and peace-loving fish, it will never touch its neighbors. But to become their victim may well. Therefore, this type of fish can be kept only with the same calm and non-predatory fish. Ideal neighbors are guppies, iris, swordtails, tetras, cardinals and others.Of the larger fish, the sklyaria is suitable as a neighbor.

Swords and green tetradons are the most dangerous for neons.

Neon can not be called the simplest in terms of content, but they are not particularly deliver the trouble. After a little practice, even beginning aquarists will be able to care for such fish. Enough to keep the aquarium in order to make the fish feel good.


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