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Fashionable skirts 2015

The trend of 2015 - layered skirts with a variety of different flounces and frills, products made from fabrics of unusual textures and shades.

Models of complex styles with an asymmetrical design - this is what famous designers have paid special attention to when creating their new collections. In them you can see outfits as with translucent layers, made of flowing fabrics, and more original copies of dense materials. The hit of the year is multi-layered skirts made of chiffon and lace, denim and lace, satin, jersey and leather.

As for the trendy styles, in 2015, especially flared flared skirts and dresses of the “trapezium” silhouette, pleated sun-models, classic straight and pencil skirts, and models with an oversized waistline are especially popular. The actual length - midi, mini skirts this year went by the wayside.

When creating their new collections, famous designers preferred materials of pastel shades that best emphasize the femininity of products. Plain skirts of blue, yellow, pink, lilac and other delicate shades lead in almost all fashion shows.

Naturally, classical colors: black, gray, brown and white did not leave their positions. Moreover, the white color, according to the designers, will become a real must-have in 2015.

As for the current prints, the leaders of fashion shows are abstract designs, geometric, animals, as well as arabesque patterns.


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