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Fashion trends office fashion (23 photos)

The office is, of course, not the place where you can show candid outfits. Still, work in the office is not an excuse to dress in incomprehensible overly strict clothes and hide your femininity. And how to choose stylish and fashionable office clothes?

Wide pants

What should be the office clothes?

To begin with we will list the main requirements for office clothes:

  • Restraint. It is clear that flaunting in the office in frank outfits, demonstrating to all their dignity is unacceptable and incorrect. So choose blouses without deep decollettes from fairly dense opaque fabrics and a skirt to the knee or at least to the middle of the thigh.
  • No bright details, they can distract from the work of your clients and colleagues. And yet, something a woman can afford, even in the office.
  • Remember that the set of office clothes should not be combined more than three colors, otherwise excessive diversity will create the impression of frivolity and frivolity.
  • Clothing, first of all, should be comfortable, otherwise there will be discomfort that will distract from the workflow.
  • Remember that the higher your position, the more rigorous and business should be clothes.
  • In any case, clothes should be neat and tidy. No pressed or wrinkled fabrics, careless elements and other sloppy details.
  • Even office suites still have to be exquisite, elegant and feminine. Colleagues should not forget that you are a member of the weaker sex.

Women's office clothes: main trends

What are the different features of office fashion? We list the main important trends.

Mandatory items of clothing

Stylish solution

What should a woman or girl wear in an office? There are actually several options, so you should not limit yourself to the notorious strict two-piece suits, at work there is also a variety. A few basic things:

  • Costume. It should be purchased for special occasions (negotiations, business meetings). It can consist of various elements: a skirt and a jacket, trousers and a jacket, a skirt and a vest, trousers and a vest, as well as a skirt (or trousers), a vest and a jacket. And it is best to buy a female costume-four, consisting of four things at once: a jacket, a skirt, a vest and trousers.This option will be universal and will always help out.
  • Blouse or shirt. Shirts and blouses should be several, so you can change them.
  • Turtleneck - a great option for a cool autumn. It is both convenient and strict.
  • A jumper or pullover is also suitable if it is restrained, dim and without patterns.
  • A pencil skirt is a tandem of rigor and sexuality. For the office, this option is also suitable.
  • Pants. It is advisable to choose a strict straight cut, but slightly narrowed and fitting (but not too much!) May also be appropriate.
  • Dress for the office is also quite suitable. It can be a sheath dress, a straight cut model, or a not too tight and not too short knit dress.
  • Jacket. He, by the way, does not have to be combined in color with a skirt or pants, but a combination of the texture is desirable.
  • The ideal variant of outerwear in a business style is a coat.

Shapes, length

The styles in any case should not be too frank, so forget about the fitting things, deep cleavage and all kinds of cuts. But a slightly fitted cut is not prohibited by anyone, it is simply necessary for women.Fit and straight styles or trapezoid.

Just do not brush a blouse

The length should not be minimal. The best option - dresses and skirts to the knees or just above the knees. The length below the knees is also permissible and even ideal for obese women, but the hem should go beyond the knees by no more than 10-15 centimeters, otherwise you will turn from a beautiful young lady into an old-fashioned lady. And from the length of the midi should be abandoned, it is for the business lady does not fit.



Fabrics, in principle, can be any, but it would be better if they are rather dense, not transparent and comfortable to wear (that is, not too branded and not wrinkled). For example, costumes are usually sewn from wool, jersey, cashmere, and tweed. Summer costume can be cotton or linen. Blouses are made from lighter fabrics such as cotton.

Color solutions

Business style is not necessarily gloomy black and gray things and monochrome combinations. Although, of course, classic white, black and gray are relevant and relevant, as always. But also designers advise to pay attention to the delicate pastel colors, such as beige, cream, milky, ivory, sandy and some others.

Color and style

If you want the gloom of everyday work to be diluted with something bright and fresh, just add light pink, sky blue or, for example, light green. Choosing a turtleneck sweater or blouse of one of these tones, you can make the image more interesting. Also relevant and some deep and noble shades: dark blue, brown, burgundy, purple.

As for prints, they are permissible, but must be restrained. Actual small peas, cell, "crow's feet", geometric patterns. But floral and animalistic patterns will have to be forgotten.



Shoes must be elegant and discreet at the same time. The best option is black pumps. And in the summer you can pick up sandals (if the dress code allows), but certainly with a closed nose.


Even a business woman's image without accessories will be banal and boring. Valid options are:

  • A thin string of pearls around your neck will emphasize your femininity, elegance and refined taste.
  • You can emphasize the waist with a strap. But remember that it should not be too catchy and bright.
  • Choose an elegant bag, for example, a bag-trapezoid or a briefcase.
  • A watch can become a beautiful and useful accessory.

Office clothes for men


Men's office fashion also has some features and distinctive features:

  1. First, you should not limit yourself when choosing shirts with a trite white and gray color. More interesting will look lilac, blue, green or pink shirt. But tones, of course, should be calm. The costume can be gray, black, blue or brown.
  2. Secondly, special attention should be paid to trousers. First of all, it is necessary to determine the size. Pants should not hang on a man, they should emphasize the dignity of his figure. But from too tight-fitting models that have become very relevant today, they will have to be abandoned, since they hamper the movements and at times hamper concentrating on the work of the female half of the team. Also, figure out the length. The edges of the legs should reach the heels of the shoes, and not open the shoes completely.
  3. Thirdly, you should choose the right jacket. His shoulders should not be too wide or narrow. Sleeves can not be short or, on the contrary, long. They should cover the wrist by 1-2 centimeters.Slightly fitted models of jackets are relevant.
  4. Fourthly, special attention should be paid to shoes, it is for her who often judge men. It is better to choose leather or suede shoes (or moccasins for summer), but not varnished.
  5. Fifth, do not forget about accessories. So, the documents of a business man should be carried in a briefcase. Elegant and stylish watch on your hand will look.

And remember that at work in the office you can look stylish and elegant.

A good suit

Also possible

Discreet but interesting


Suitable option

Original cut


Wear dresses




Skin relevant


Use decorations

Valid option


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