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Excursions in Sevastopol

We organize training in June in Sevastopol for sales representatives of various regional branches. Need a cultural program. Advise what you can come up with for the group.
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Answered on June 2 10:34
Well, first of all, as it seems to me, you need to book a tour of the city. Although if your dates convey a strong heat, then it may not be so interesting, as tiring.
Answered on June 2 10:42
In my opinion, for a good completion of the training it will be enough to organize gatherings in the restaurant. At least in our company, they always did just that. Still, none of the staff members complained about the lack of a cultural program.
Answered 2 June 10:56
I think it will be great to organize trips and excursions on a boat. In Sevastopol, many very picturesque bays, at least the staff will get aesthetic pleasure. And at the same time they will get acquainted with the rich history of the city. If you want, you can contact this companyshe is just engaged in organizing such events. By the way, when registering through the site, a discount is now provided, so you can also save money.

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