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Embroidered heart - passionate proof of your love!

Do you have an anniversary of your relationship with your loved one, or do you choose a birthday surprise for him? Or maybe you want to surprise a loved one with an extraordinary and original gift for Valentine's Day? For such cases, we have a couple of interesting ideas! To make a lasting impression on your boyfriend, groom or husband, you do not have to go shopping and buy expensive gifts. It's enough just to make a little effort, imagination and creativity. A gift made by yourself is appreciated many times more than a stylish gadget or an elegant perfume. After all, you make such a gift exclusively for him - your one and only young man. A cross stitched picture can be one of the most memorable and dear to the heart of gifts. Let it be small and not too complicated, but it is in it that you will invest not only love, but also a part of your soul.However, what should those who really want to create do, but there is no experience, skills and, moreover, no art education? We hurry to please you. Even if you do not understand anything in this matter, do not be upset. Learning to embroider is not difficult. Moreover, it's time to start doing it! So, let's analyze in stages how you can embroider a small red heart with your own hands. For this you will need the following materials: 1. Convenient small outline size 10x10 centimeters. 2. Fine needle. 3. The floss bright red. 4. The hoop. 5. Scissors.
Embroidered heart with a cross
Usually, beginners who are just beginning to get familiar with such an occupation as cross-stitch prefer to do without a hoop. In principle, this is a purely personal matter of each. If at first you are inconvenient to turn them over, and in general, hold in your hands, you can restrict yourself to a cloth, a thread and a needle. Most often the floss thread consists of six thin threads. In this paper, you will need only two such threads, so to begin with, separate them from the total mass, and then drive a needle into the eyelet and make a small knot on one side.If you nevertheless decided to embroider with the help of the hoop, then, holding the fabric on both sides, carefully insert your canvas into them.
 Embroidered Heart with a Cross
Embroidered Heart
 Heart embroidered with a cross
 Embroidered heart with a cross
The preparatory stage is over, now it's time to get down to immediate work. It is best to start embroidery drawing not from the middle, but from the upper left edge (in this case, the number of mistakes you make should be minimal). Thread the needle into the fabric from the inside and fix the thread with the previously made nodule. Then insert the needle into the hole in the lower right corner of the canvas, and again insert it from the wrong side of the upper corner of the square (as shown in the photos). To complete the stitching of the first piece, you need to re-insert the needle into the remaining fourth hole and get it from where you want to continue embroidering.Pay attention to the fact that the direction of the picture should be the same, namely: the first thread should be embroidered from left to right, and the next thread - from right to left. Try to evenly embroider and in no case, unless of course the drawing requires, do not skip the small squares.
 Heart embroidered with a cross
 Embroidered Heart Cross
Heart embroidered cross
 Heart embroidered with a cross
After completing the work, be sure to check Do all the nodules. If you see that your canvas is slightly stained during the embroidery process, gently wash it in cool water. In any case, the finished picture must be ironed. This should be done exclusively from the reverse side and an iron set to the minimum temperature. Such an elegant and stylish heart can be either inserted into a frame and arranged in the form of a picture, or you can make an original, lovely postcard using cardboard.scissors and glue.  Heart embroidered with a cross
 Heart embroidered with a cross We hope that the photos will not only visually show you how to act, but also greatly facilitate the whole process of work. Go ahead, get down to business! [/L_REPEAT]

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