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A frame decorated with eggshell

Perhaps there is no refrigerator in which chicken eggs would not lie on a special shelf. Over time, they will turn into scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, eggnog, will become an ingredient of some salad. And the shell? She will go to the garbage can. But let's not hurry, in the right hands and she will find a use. We offer an interesting variant of finishing the frame for photography using eggshells. This process is quite interesting and uncomplicated, you can attract to the creativity of children. Let's start with the manufacture of the frame itself. We need two different-sized rectangular sheets of cardboard. In a smaller sheet we make a small semicircular cut from the short side.
 Let's start with the manufacture of the frame itself
In the larger we cut out the central part, retreating from the edges by 2.5 cm, for this you can use stationery knife. It turned out the basis of the future frame.
 Let's start with the manufacture of the frame itself
Pasting the cardboard base with a cloth. This is done to hide cardboard slices. Fabric can be replaced with paper.
 we paste over the cloth
We have come to the most interesting step. We will need a shell of four or five eggs. It should be well dried, it is desirable to remove the inner film. We glue a small portion of the frame with glue, take a piece of eggshell, apply it to the frame and gently press it with your finger. The shell cracks, taking the form of a mosaic.
we attach the shell to the frame
We paste over the entire frame on the front side with it.
 attach the shell to the frame
Now we need gouache and a brush to paint our frame. Especially carefully paint over cracks and gaps between the shells. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the shells from excess paint.
 paint over cracks
We varnish the painted surface.The front side of the frame is ready.
 We varnish
We turn over the work and stick on the back side in the middle of the second sheet of cardboard, spreading glue on three sides along the edges. We leave the fourth, with a semi-circular cut, not glued, it will be a pocket for a photo.
 spreading with glue
To the inside of the frame we glue a strip of cardboard that will support, or an eyelet, if the frame will hang on the wall.
 Egg shell trimmed frame
We put a photo in our pocket and admire our shed vr!
 Egg shell trimmed frame

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