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Effective homemade body scrubs

How do we all want to always look slim, beautiful and have an ideal silky skin on all parts of the body. Sometimes you are amazed at how hard it is for modern women to care for themselves.

After all, our ecology, stress and constant loads simply destroy the beauty of our body and soul. And in order to remain for yourself and the people around you the most eye-popping special in the world, it's enough just to know small secrets. One of them is effective home scrubs.

What are we for?

Scrub is another tool that women use to maintain their skin on the body in a healthy state. After all, each of us must take care of the skin not only on the face. Yes, our face, of course, is the most obvious indicator of the grooming and age of the lady. But only the perfect skin on the body can drive men crazy.

Men are sometimes in a state of shock, watching how much their women have different cosmetics. All these bubbles, tubes and jars just scare them.But women without them anywhere. Therefore, if you have to listen to critical remarks from your young man, just tell him that you need all this in order to maintain perfect shape.

By the way, it would be nice to warn your young man immediately that, sometimes, you will put your home body scrub in the refrigerator. Let not be afraid of it and more attentively looks at what is going to eat. And then, you know, there have been cases of poisoning.

What should it consist of?

Absolutely any scrub for our beautiful body should consist of certain component parts. That is, you should not think that a product prepared at home will be somewhat inferior to its “shop-like” counterparts. Even on the contrary, you have no guarantee that a body scrub of a famous brand will not be a fake and absolutely useless thing.

Let's list all the main components of body scrub:

  • Flavoring. It is necessary so that after the completion of the procedure, your body smells pleasantly. This is a very important point, because if the scrub has an unpleasant smell for you, then you will not get any positive effect for yourself.You can add fragrance to the product at the expense of essential oils and even your favorite perfume.
  • Oily component. Without it, you just can not properly carry out the procedure of scrubbing. Since abrasive particles will scratch your skin. Oil can be any. But, depending on what kind of skin problem you want to solve with a scrub, you can choose the most useful types of oils: olive, jojoba or almond.
  • Exfoliate. Such a scary word is called coarse and small particles, due to which the process of removing old skin is actually carried out. It can be bran, sugar, salt, coffee and much more.

Than useful?

Reviews of body scrubs often do not resemble each other. One and the same remedy for different women causes radically different emotions. Some, after scrubbing coffee, make their skin look like Chinese silk, while others have an allergic rash. Therefore, before you conclude about any particular body scrub, you will have to try it on yourself.

In general, all such tools can not significantly harm you, but rather even vice versa. Here are some of the beneficial properties of homemade body scrubs:

  1. Help to fight with an orange crust on the buttocks and legs.Due to the timely cell renewal, blood circulation improves in the skin and excess fluid is rapidly removed.
  2. Body elasticity increases. When applying the scrub you make massage movements, and massage is always useful.
  3. Skin looks younger. Surprisingly, after using scrubs, the skin begins to shine in a new way. She looks healthier, fresher and shinier.
  4. Also, thanks to the scrub, you will get a uniformly tanned body. Be sure to use it in front of the solarium or go to the beach.
  5. Well, the main purpose of body scrubs is that they remove old, dead skin. Thanks to this tool, cell renewal is much faster.

How to use?

Home scrubs for the body to use simply, you can even say there is no place easier. To achieve the maximum effect before using scrubs you need to thoroughly steam the body. This must be done in order for all the pores on the skin to open and be ready to receive the maximum amount of useful substances.

  1. After that you should take a body scrub prepared in advance and apply it evenly to all parts of the body.Do this not with strong, but still tangible movements.
  2. Starting to apply scrub is better with the hands and neck. Gradually moving to the abdomen and legs.
  3. After this, it is sufficient to simply wash off the product with warm water.
  4. After using body scrub, apply moisturizers to the skin.

Do it yourself

Body scrub recipes will amaze you with their simplicity and rich choice. Each of them is able to differently affect the condition of your skin on the body. So experiment and look for that scrub composition that makes your skin look the best.


Coffee body scrub is the most popular tool. Probably due to the fact that he helps to forget about cellulite, which in turn excites all women without exception. Such a body scrub can be prepared in several ways:

  1. Take coffee beans and grind them to a flour state. Then add it to your shower gel. During bathing, you will simultaneously perform two procedures.
  2. Take ground coffee (a couple of spoons of naturally non-granulated) add olive oil, sour cream and liquid honey to it.


This scrub perfectly moisturizes your skin.Take sugar (3 tbsp.), About 100 ml of yogurt and a bag of coconut chips. Mix and enjoy the result.

From salt

This scrub is the leader among such remedies, since it is able to remove at one time a large layer of keratinized skin and is suitable for so-called hard peeling. Take sea salt (it is much more useful than regular cooking) and mix it with olive oil until a creamy consistency is obtained.

From stretch marks on the body

Its basis is a salt body scrub. Just add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and ground pepper. For more thrills, you can use a pinch of mustard powder.


Its basis should make fat cream or sour cream. Add in them ground coffee or shredded oatmeal.

You can also make a scrub based on regular semolina. Just mix it with cream and honey.

We hope that you are convinced that making scrubs for the body at home is not so problematic. The main thing is not to be lazy to carry out procedures. And that often our women will make a scrub, put in a refrigerator and will successfully forget about it.

The result does not appear after the first time, so if you use a scrub for weight loss, do not think that in two days you will be able to get rid of a couple of extra pounds. And remember that you can start caring for your own body at any time in your life.

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