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Do-it-yourself postcard by March 8

A postcard applique, which, by March 8, can be glued together by anyone who loves his mother, grandmother or sister toddler, can be one of the best gifts for this joyful and eventful day for women. But in order for the results of the work to please both the child and the person for whom this craft is intended, you need to choose the most interesting technique of work or use some unusual, "holiday" materials in it. We suggest making a card using small shiny sequins.

 Postcard app on March 8

Postcard app on March 8

Postcard app, with your own hands on March 8 with children made using sequins, will always look very advantageous and elegant. Additionally, you will need:

a sheet of coated cardboard suitable for the background color;

a sheet of green colored paper (preferably coated);


pencilwhich will be clearly visible on the background,

glue (clerical or polymeric).

Let's go!

The first thing we do is cut the cardboard sheet so that its dimensions match our ideas about the size of the finished cards. It is possible at the same time to give the leaf an unusual shape - semi-oval, round, etc.

 Fold a sheet of cardboard twice

We fold a sheet of cardboard in half.

Now draw on it the contours of the flower of the tulip. We use the image of a tulip not only because this flower personifies a spring women's holiday, but also because it's easy to draw, just as well as pasting with paillettes.
Draw the outline of the tulip

Draw a contour of a tulip

From a green paper, cut out a short stem of a flower with leaves, glue it under the flower head.


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