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Stand for pens and pencils with your own hands

Approaching the beginning of the new school year is a great time to prepare gifts for yourself on September 1 and to please your classmates and any teacher with them.

Of course, crafts on September 1 should have attitude to school and learning process. For example, you can make a schoolboy attribute such as a stand for pens and pencils — even a first grader can make it with her own hands.

Stand for pens and pencils with their own hands

Stand for pens and pencils with their own hands

What you need to prepare in advance:

We paint the prepared container in the desired color, dry it. The paint applied with the help of an aerosol can is laid flat. If you use a cup, it does not need to be painted. The glass container is difficult to paint, but it turns out to be more stable, which is very convenient to use.You can not paint the container, but paste it with colored paper or self-adhesive film.

Gently, in rows, glue buttons on the outside of the container, selecting the most beautiful combinations of colors and sizes.

 Glue buttons

Gluing buttons

The brighter the buttons, the better the crafts will look.

 Multi-colored buttons

Misc vetnye buttons

You can use the buttons in the shape of animals, flowers and birds. It looks interesting combination of buttons and beads, as well as beads and other decorative materials.

We wait until the glue dries. Faster glue dries, which is applied with a glue gun. With such a pistol, it's easier to work.


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