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Do I need a cottage?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
February 11, 2013
Do I need a cottage?

A few years ago, in the transport, which has a country route, it was impossible to squeeze. Why? And all because the army of summer residents went to their sites with shovels and hoes to dig the beds. What has changed today? Do I need a cottage today? Needed, but for other purposes.

Today, the views of summer residents have changed a little. Camping has become a priority for summer cottages. Communicating with nature, to be just in silence alone - this is the dream of many citizens. If one of them wants to delve into the garden, it is only for his own pleasure. But no matter what happens, over the summer there is a cucumber to the table, and the tomatoes arrived, and the fresh herbs are also, by the way, always. And it's nice to sit around the fire with your family or good friends when the firewood is smoking and the smell of kebabs is already around.

What is cottage for? Grandparents can bring your children here. Here they can not only run around on the lawn, but also eat fresh strawberries and strawberries, currants, and in the fall apples and pears. Excess vegetables and fruits that remain from your beds, can find a place in the banks that you open in the winter.

Do I need her

But in order to have moral and material pleasure from giving, it is necessary to look after her. The house, like any other, requires repair from hour to hour. Also in the country there are extensions for gardening equipment, there also need to look: does the roof flow? Maintain order in the yard, physical labor, check it in the winter, and many more troubles. It is also very good if you are lucky with your neighbors. It happens that not always lucky. In such cases, frequent conflicts are possible.

It happens that at the dacha there is no security and no alarm. Then there may be a problem with the thieves. They can rob a plot or a house, or just ruin a fence or tear off vegetables or fruit. Material losses then will not pass you by, it will also be a pity to invested labor. Do you need a cottage, you decide for yourself. Weigh the pros and cons and make a conclusion for yourself.


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