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Do I have to fight for a man?

Many are now ready to gnaw their teeth for a man, compete with rivals and argue that he will not find such soup-borscht like hers. Meanwhile, the main prize of this struggle, in the sense of a man, takes a shout in his hands and jumps around the ladies and gives only advice: prove your love, change for me, break habits, and in general my mother made me a salad with mayonnaise, and not with butter! The deeper into the forest, the worse: they fight for their mistresses for the man, they beat off with all their strength, tricks and skills, break the foundations, habits and even character, because he needs soup and losing weight, getting fat, repainting what child would not play! And why for the sake of it all? To keep this magician in a relationship!

Inversion of roles in the family

The change of roles is an ugly thing, guaranteeing a woman only one thing - to be hopelessly unhappy. You really need to fight for relationships, but it is desirable for a man! While women in the struggle break and deteriorate, men, despite all the trials, are getting stronger and hardened.Because it is so conceived by nature. The leaders in the pack are not born, but become - and at the same time take away the best female for themselves, because they deserve it. Where is it seen that the she-wolfs graze for tearing the hyena? You can, of course, now remember the lions in the pride where only the female part works on the hunt, but the female, sorry, but will not fall under the weak: first, in battles with each one, prove that the strongest one deserved it, and only then - soup-borscht yes cubs

Do I have to fight for a man?

For two hares

But it is even worse when you meet, it would seem, the most almost ideal, as with your own thoughts, written off, and then again - and it turns out that not only your eyes on the handsome of this laid. And other people, no less cute, are tagging in his direction-and they have legs! Or even more interesting the turn happens when, against the background of such alien female activity, your inner voice suddenly whispers: oh, not without reason, such a demand for him, you see, you have found a nugget of gold. Straight trade and market reflexes light up: where a lot of people, it is necessary after all to squeeze through the holes through holes and gawk, and what is interesting is distributed there.

And so our heroine begins to wriggle furiously and prove to this guy, in great demand, that she is the best in everything in comparison with that one.And he, satisfied, goes from chocolate ice cream to vanilla, also open, with a calm conscience, and only encourages: let's more, please better. And two, if not more, griefs for their own pride are not the fact that they are attacking with their heels, but in principle they don’t remember what it is. The good of their behavior even more cajole his self-esteem, and even if this prince is really just so-so-muzhchko, now in the women's and own eyes no less than the king. Still: such a battle, such an epic!

Who led the battle

At this very moment, it is still worth staying and wondering what is wrong with you. Disregard for their dignity and allows the rest to spit in your direction. The competition of men for your attention is the battle of the wolves, where the hyenas must lose. And the battle of women for men's attention is an unnatural resonance. Interest in such ladies goes out immediately after the disappearance of the rival. The spotlights went out, the tour ended, waiting for the new season.

Do I have to fight for a man?

In a word, it is completely ungrateful to fight for a man who has not yet decided or, on the contrary, is already dreaming of blaming. And we get the opposite.The louder the man sometimes shouts: “Change!” - the woman adapts to the sounds of the pipe faster and creeps under his feet even more, not realizing that the man consoles his self-esteem. If he did not start his own fight, it means that he is not interested in a priori seeking this woman, she is not interested in him. No matter how much you change, you will not be nice to him. This is directly the immutable rule of ordinary choice. Because the only thing that a woman expects at the end of the struggle for relationships is trampled pride and a sense of uselessness. A happy marriage is a man who sought and a woman who was valued and appreciated.


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